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    We are, but you also have to understand our side. We just can't afford a million dollar database or what ever the current prices are right now. This database being out of date is not an issue if you ask most of the users. Only the top 1% players would notice a difference and most of them are here in the forums because they are dedicated enough to make a user account and check for new posts in the community. But it's far from an average sample of all users. Our estimate is that most users have never created a single navigation route in Aerofly, so how would the majority of users even notice. And then again 90% of the old database is probably still accurate till today and just using the sim alone it's still very accurate and you would not even notice many issues at all, except a few airports where the runway layout has changed. Only if you bring your other apps into play does it become an issue.

    I may be wrong but I think supporting Navigraph in your sim doesn't mean you have to purchase the data yourself from them to redistribute it to all your customers, as far as I know you only need to become a Navigraph developer, develop for them in your sim using their tools and they will provide the data (in your own format) to the authorized end users, the ones with an active paid subscription who as a big number of subscribers (regardless if they use MSFS, X.plane or Aerofly) are the ones that "pay" for the whole current Navigraph data.

    Correct me if I am wrong but at least that is what I understood from here:

    The Navigraph Model | Navigraph Developer Portal
    A description of the way that Navigraph authorizes access to its services, free of charge for any developers.

    I have reported this issue a year ago or so. Are bugs not logged internally?

    Yeah, I saw what you wrote but wasn't sure if it was the same issue so I decided to make this new post instead of reviving a year old one.

    I really hope the IPACS team get it fixed someday because there are a lot of approaches to airports of my country that are unflyable right now, same thing happens in both 737ng and A320

    Business is business, it does not work like this.

    Access to Navigraph charts only works while you are subscribed of course but navigation data on your sim (the Airac cycle database you download to your sim) is not deleted once you cancel your subscription so although you can not update it anymore if you no longer have an active subscription you can still use that (outdated) data. In X-Plane this data measures about 150 Mb.

    In the past Navigraph used to offer a cheaper plan for updating Navigation data only but now they only offer a $10/month flat rate plan (charts, navdata and current Simbrief Airac).

    Almost 11 €/m in France. But it is the price to pay.

    But for example you can subscribe for one month, get the charts for that month period and update your simulator´s navdata to the latest Airac and at least in X-Plane that update doesn´t get deleted at the end of that month it´s your to keep afaik. So that would be a cheap and easy way to update the 10 year old Aerofly Airac.

    Thanks, can you please screenshot the route in the navigation menu so that we can reproduce it?

    of course

    also the next two route/approaches also can´t be finished:

    to be fair not all approaches with INTC legs are unflyable, the next one is similar to the above approaches but it follows the magenta flight path up to the runway:

    sorry about the quality of the menu screenshots but had to use my cell phone because AF FS4 wouldn´t allow me to do it directly on the PC


    Seems like AP LNAV can´t follow the magenta flight path if one of the legs (on the legs page of the CDU) is a INTC leg

    instead it just continues on the same heading without turning to the next waypoint:

    The workaround is going to the location menu and set the aircraft position on the map a little ahead of the last waypoint before INTC (between D103P and D077N in this case) and resume navigation from there, then the AP flies the route beautifully, but again having to pause the simulation and respawn the aircraft kills the immersion.

    @Jet-Pack (IPACS) Do you know if there are plans to fix this kind of INTC legs?

    I think this topic or something similar has been discussed before in this thread:

    Jet-Pack (IPACS)
    January 11, 2023 at 8:55 PM