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    It would also be great if we can have a word map icon somewhere that we can open and see where are at a point while still flying and seeing our flight in the background just like other sim (IF) , rather than going out of flight to see our location . Also Jet-pack, do reserve the lower left screen right to the tyres icon for your future ATC buttons for communications🤪

    Sorry but if you find this simulator boring you've come to the wrong place. Nobody forces you to do it. Find an action game. Or just change the simulator. 🤷🤦

    I said personally. I’m talking for myself and not for you, meanwhile this was addressed to Jetpack or IPACS team and the last time I checked, you were not one of either 🤷🏾‍♂️

    At last , we can now rest for all those players bothering us with max all the time. Very soon they will be tired of it and start wanting another plane. Please can we now focus on the most thing within is ATC and Multiplayer

    However, you forget:

    The people on the multiplayer server would just be a bunch of 9-year-olds flying in formations and crashing everywhere. Really not professional and a lot of moderation would need to occur. This really wouldn't be worth the devs' time in my honest opinion.

    If other notable sims out there are doing it, I don’t see Aerofly as an exception. The Atc and multiplayer server should have strict rules and levels and should be moderated like infinite flight. To be honest, I left infinite flight for Aerofly because of its scenery, airplanes physics and cockpit interactions.

    However, you forget:

    The people on the multiplayer server would just be a bunch of 9-year-olds flying in formations and crashing everywhere. Really not professional and a lot of moderation would need to occur. This really wouldn't be worth the devs' time in my honest opinion.

    Hi Jetpack , Personally, Aerofly is so great but sometimes it gets boring and boring. I mean it’s not really yet alive. Mostly get sick of just flying alone without seeing other players nor talking to any Atc. Could you imagine the joy of flying and seeing other multiplayer taxiing, holding short, taking off, landing, going around and also ATC doing their wonderful jobs controlling traffic, giving others, executing orders, etc. it just so boring , landing planes, taking off , flying alone, doing same thing on and on as if I’m flying on mars. Developing other planes is good but it’s not really imperative if the simulation still lacks the basics which is Multiplayer and ATC. These 2 should be IPACS priorities before even bringing in more planes.

    Sometimes (in mobile), when I use the on-screen flap shortcut buttons, I am not able to extend or retract the flaps and must manually use the lever on the pedestal, which is annoying when in high-workload situations such as when intercepting a localiser. I'd like for the flap buttons to be fixed and would assume you have a similar issue.

    My co pilots handles my flaps hey, also handles my take off and I do the landing manually. Workload's shared.😊

    In theory we can add any aircraft that we want. But each aircraft takes considerable time to be developed. We pay great attention to detail and want to offer a decent simulation of that aircraft. In the end our goal is to make the sim more attractive for people who have not purchased the sim yet. So we'll base our decisions on what most customers would like to see and unfortunately this means we can't fulfill each individual wish.

    I don’t think I need any new planes so far, I have not even been to half of the planes we have here already. What will need now is to make the sim more realistic. Add ATC, Multiplayer, real time weather, rumbling and vibration sound when taking off and landing, tyre screeching sound and smokes, contrails, etc. I wanna fly and be able to sim other players line up and about to take off, I wanna hear the ATC instructing a go around. I mean do the most imperative things.

    We plan on making a blog post about which airports have recently been updated.

    We are still working on the automatically generates airports and we intent to eventually get them up to the same quality as manually created airports with parking positions, gates, etc. That's why we do not plan on making any lists.

    Hey Jetpacks, I did asked if you can make the a380 auto pilot red button to be lit or abit transparent and you said the real buttons doses not get lit, I would love you to fly the A380 at night and you will struggling to tap on the red button to disconnect auto pilot, can you please atleast make it to be lit like the red oxygen mask label by the left side of the cockpit seat

    Can you then pay for my subscription at the same time? Thank you very much 🙈

    Lols, Iwill if I have to , I mean people pay more on infinite flight, so if there is multiplayer and Atc here and they want us to pay equivalent to infinite flight, that would be reasonable. We can’t be asking for features also and not payong more but paying less. Personally, if this sim can have infinite flight Atc, multiplayer, more planes and liveries, then RFS climatic weather, contrails, landing tyre smokes, ground services. I wouldn’t mind paying higher subscription equivalents to other sims out there.🤷🏾‍♂️

    Multiplayer would be awesome but certainly cost tremendous effort to implement, not to mention the servers... This is why I think it's unlikely to happen in the near future.

    If other flight sim can implement that, what will stop Aerofly from doing so,? They can increase the subscription, I wouldn’t mind

    I been Aerofly user for a while and i really appreciate the work done for this sim. It actually brought mobile sim to whole new level. I’m saying this as a guy who played many different flight sims for long time and definitely the new Aerofly sim is the best. However, there this main issue which makes this sim completely dead unfortunately which it lacks multiplayer not me but i know many users who believe same thing. Also seeing from discussions this feature has been requested since long time. Will we expect multiplayer soon on aerfly global. In addition to active atc. These things really keeps sim alive biggest example is infinite even though it isn’t as realistic as aerofly i see many players prefer infinite because of online sessions and discord community. I really hope developers consider my request

    But it isn't illuminated in the real world?

    Yea but the cockpit lights shines so well that you can see everything. Try playing the game at night and you can see what I’m talking about but if there is nothing to be done, then it’s okay🤷🏾‍♂️

    @jetpacks. Also during day time, I just scroll down and tap it and then quickly look up to land but at night I will tap and tap and tap but can’t find it and later will switch it off from the one on the glare shield

    I personally think that on mobile devices the it’ll be great to have Infinite Flight system of multiplayer, while on PC versions of the game we could use Vatsim or IVAO or any other service. As far as I heard the main problem was in data exchange, simulator simply can’t send or/and receive data to network

    What do you mean, can you please elaborate ?

    The game and devices at the moment are not stable enough for multiplayer to be implemented imo. Hopefully future improvements in device performance and the sim itself make this possible. Physics on other aircraft would need to be simplified, similar to the AI traffic there's at the moment. With quality work, I think decent atc and multiplayer can be achieved, though it's certainly not an easy task.

    Then , they should make it an easy task. Nothing is impossible