Boeing 737 MAX 9


The Boeing 737 MAX 9 is a modernized version of the Boeing 737-900ER. Compared to the 737 NG (Next Generation) series, all MAX versions have even more efficient engines and comparatively higher passenger capacity. The 737 MAX 9 has a range of about 6500 km and is certified for up to 220 passengers. This makes it comparable to the Airbus A320neo / A321neo. The maiden flight of the MAX 9 took place on 13 April 2017.


Key Features

Physics Simulation & Aerodynamics

These things are fully simulated in Aerofly FS:

  • Full multibody aircraft that bends under load
  • Natural gear compression and damping
  • Center of gravity shift from gear retraction
  • Thermodynamic engine simulation and simulated full authority digital engine controller (FADEC)
  • Engine bowed rotorshaft motoring (BRM)
  • Cold and dark startup
  • Native wing flex simulation
  • Independent simulation of slats, flaps and speedbrakes


Aerofly FS features a realistic aerodynamics simulation and this aircraft is no exception:

  • Auto spoilers and auto brakes
  • Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) with dual sensor input and single activation per high angle of attack event, simulating newest real world software iteration
  • Fly by wire spoilers with maneuver load alleviation (MAL), landing attitude modifier (LAM) and variable spoiler mixers
  • Elevator neutral shift, balance/anti-balance mode
  • Reduced rudder authority at high speed, yaw damper

Aircraft Systems

Custom coded aircraft systems and behaviors specific to this aircraft and based on real world flight manuals:

  • Fully interactive cockpit
  • Full electric network with main and aux batteries, buses, generators, dynamic electric switches and loads of individual electrical loads
  • Bleed air flow including cross bleed engine starts
  • Pressurization system
  • Fuel pumps and hydraulic pumps

Autopilot and FMS

  • Authentic autopilot behaviors
  • All real world flight director (FD) modes
  • Autoland with rollout capability (fail-operational)
  • Control wheel steering (CWS)
  • Flight management system (FMS) with LNAV/VNAV
  • Interactive Control Display Units (CDU) with working preflight, route creation, performance, fix pages, etc.


  • Realistic PFD, ND with VSD
  • Realistic EICAS and system pages
  • Multi-Mode-Receiver (MMR) for ILS, VOR and GLS reception
  • Integrated standby flight display (ISFD)
  • Master caution and warning system
  • Display reversion and source selection
  • Adjustable display, annunciator and panel brightness

Immersive 3D Directional Sounds

  • Fan buzz, exhaust jet noise, N1 and N2 turbine and compressor noises, air starter and engine spool up, humming of the burner during ignition
  • APU and air conditioning (PACKs)
  • Trim wheel, flap motor, hydraulics and fuel pumps
  • Unique switch, lever, selector and button sounds
  • Authentic radar altitude and GPWS callouts (incl. V1)
  • Realistic stick shaker, overspeed, bank-angle, gear horn, fire bell and other warnings
  • Wind sounds, ground roll, passenger signs, cabin chime,…


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