NDB for Livermore working in Ju 52/3M.

LOM/IAF Reiga 374 KHz. 6.1 nm from Livermore runway 25R, cross at 2,409 feet for a 3 degree approach.

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  • I am thinking of adding a post recreating/describing an airline flight in the JU52 circa 1935 complete with old European NDB airways. If I get the time I will do it.

    • It screams out for audio identification, it is not practical to not KNOW what NDB you are tracking. The attitude to this in IPACS is peculiar. The Ju 52/3m panel resolution in mobile does not help.

      Have you seen the Boeing 247 add on for MSFS? There are RADIO RANGE 1930-1950s nav-aid usage videos in YouTube, it really looks interesting.

    • No I haven't seen. Yes it is very hard to use. But for navigation I am finding it essential. Even without wind I am finding dead-reckoning even harder to do or at least as hard. Have been lost too many times. I try to find NDBs that are at the extreme end of the dial like 400-410 for example so they are like contact 1 or 2 going counter clockwise on the 200-410 range. But it is still very hard to use. I prefer not to use Flight Information at the top of screen, I like the challenge/realism, but it certainly solves the problem - have been tempted many times!