Aerofly FS Features

Advanced Flight Dynamics

  • Realtime full multibody simulation featuring wing-flex, gear compression and even tire deformation
  • Realistic simulation of aerodynamic forces on wings, stabilizers, control surfaces, landing gear and fuselage
  • Accurate stall and spin simulation

Multi Platform

Aerofly FS is available for Windows and Mac, as well as for tablets and smartphones on both major platforms: iOS and Android.

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Over 300 Airports

More than 300 hand-made airports are included with accurate layout, hand-placed buildings, custom terminals, towers and bridges.

Detailed 3D Cities

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Reno, Phoenix, Tucson, New York, Miami, Salt Lake City, Denver and San Diego are all modeled in 3D.

Customizable Flight Conditions

  • Change the dynamic time of day on the fly
  • Adjust the visibility on the fly
  • Cumulus and cirrus cloud density and height
  • Adjustable wind, thermals and turbulence

Replay Function

Review your takeoff or landing to take some epic screenshots from the perfect camera angle.

Advanced Navigation

  • Realistic autopilot with fully functional interfaces and all real world modes (LNAV/VNAV, managed modes, protections,…)
  • Easy to use graphical flight planner
  • World wide instrument navigation (ILS, VOR, NDB)
  • Optional copilot in all aircraft to stabilize attitude and to maintain speed, heading and altitude

Highly Detailed 3D Cockpits

Dive into our highly accurate 3D virtual cockpits and interact with nearly all of the switches, buttons and levers.

Flight School

Includes 21 flight lessons for beginners to teach the basics of flying in the Cessna 172.

Advanced Light System

  • Precise runway lights
  • PAPI and approach lights
  • Night lighting for cities, bridges, airport buildings and terminals
  • Adjustable panel lights, realistic cockpit illumination and dimmable displays.