Aerofly FS Features

Advanced Night Lighting

  • Aircraft lights illuminate the ground in multiple colors
  • Apron flood lights
  • Runway, PAPI and approach lights
  • Taxiway lights
  • Night lighting for cities, bridges, airport buildings and terminals
  • Adjustable panel lights, realistic cockpit illumination and dimmable displays

Customizable Flight Conditions

  • Dynamically change the time of day during the flight
  • Adjust the visibility on the fly
  • Cumulus and cirrus cloud density and height
  • Adjustable wind and turbulence
  • Thermals and slope updrafts

Instant Replay Function

  • Review your takeoff or landing to take some epic screenshots from the perfect camera angle
  • Pause the sim and move the replay slider just like watching a movie

Air Traffic

  • Simulated air traffic based on tens of thousands of real world global airline flights
  • Airline, Cross country and local flights
  • Optional flight labels and flight path traces
  • Animated aircraft models with rotating propellers, moving flaps and landing gear
  • Traffic is automatically removed when the player wants to takeoff or land and a collision is imminent

Flight Missions & Time-Skip

  • Select from recommended 10,000+ real world airline flights and immediately start flying
  • Adjust the flight conditions, routing and/or aircraft if desired
  • Lots of custom flight presets for sight seeing, practicing and flying challenges like the circling approach into Innsbruck
  • With the push of a button the aircraft can be teleported along the planned route to skip long and boring cruise segments
  • Combine the time-skip with the immediate selection of a new flight mission and you’ll be able to visit many new places very quickly

Flight Assistances

  • Copilot can fly the aircraft from A to B fully automatically, just press ‘c’ to give control to the copilot
  • Copilot can be used to maintain current path while the user goes AFK for a second, like having an autopilot with auto-throttle in every aircraft
  • Optional assistances have been added that can help the user during the flight
  • Assistances like automatic landing lights, automatic caution/warning mute after a few seconds, auto-tuning, auto-propeller speed, auto pressurization, etc.
  • Many quality of life features like automatic tiller nose wheel steering with rudder input when not assigned otherwise have been added

Pilot Log Book and Achievements

  • Pilot and aircraft log books to review recent flight paths and to track flight time
  • Statistics of takeoffs, landings and flight time per aircraft and in different aircraft categories
  • Achievements for different aircraft categories
  • Achievements are non-invasive, there is no pop-up or sound during flight

Realistic & High Quality Aircraft Modeling

  • Fully interactive high detail 3D modeled virtual cockpits
  • All aircraft fully VR hands compatible
  • Accurate 3D model shapes
  • High resolution textures and realistic materials

Modern Simulation Engine

  • Modern C++ core, custom coded game engine
  • Native 64bit and Multithreading
  • Vulkan renderer & VR support
  • Very fast loading times and very high frame rates
  • Background loading to prevent stutters
  • Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android & SteamOS


Realistic Physics

  • Full multibody simulation - Fuselage, wings, stabilizers, engines, landing gear parts and more all move independently from each other based on physics laws
  • Native simulation of wing flex - no animation
  • Native simulation of landing gear compression and flex - no animation
  • Realistic ground and flight physics
  • Detailed aerodynamics simulation using multiple airfoils and control surfaces per wing with realistic simulation of flaps, slats and spoilers
  • Simulation of full 360° airfoils so even deep stalls or flat spins are fully simulated
  • Realtime thermodynamic cycle simulation for turbofan, turboprop and turboshaft engines
Show Aircraft Features

Custom Coded Aircraft Systems

  • Very high level of system depth and thousands of custom coded systems, caution and warning systems
  • Full cold and dark startups in most aircraft
  • Realistic Autopilot that operates just like the real thing, with full LNAV/VNAV features, auto-land, protections and mode reversions
  • FMS programming using MCDU and CDU devices including IFR procedures like departures, arrivals and approaches
  • Custom fly-by-wire simulations with realistic handling qualities and protections
  • Authentic EFIS displays including electronic checklists in modern airliners
  • Realistic radar altitude callouts

Scenery & Airports

  • Photorealistic aerial images
  • Detailed 3D Cities
  • Comprehensive scenery coverage with 3D buildings and trees
  • Custom modeled points of interest (POIs) like castles, famous buildings (in Europe more than 500+ POIs)
  • New library buildings and structures like towers, cranes, antennas, powerlines, churches, chimneys and cooling towers, fuel tanks and grain silos, etc.
  • New wind-turbines that rotate in the wind
  • New building types and textures, new building and roof shapes
  • 1200+ hand made airports in Europe and USA with all free DLCs installed
  • Highly detailed hand modeled airports
  • Custom modeled terminal buildings for international airports
  • New apron flood lights
  • New taxiway edge and centerline lights
  • New hold short guard lights