• Hi there,

    I have managed to set up most controls successfully but I think I am having a problem with the brakes, specifically the left and right. I'm using the MFG Crosswind Rudder pedals and trying to set up left and right brake for each toe when I push down. It seems to register ok when I set it up in controls. I can sometimes get airborne fine (i.e. brakes are off) but then when I land, the brakes seem to be locked on full and the aircraft stops really quickly. I then cannot move it, even with full power. If I change aircraft it then comes up with brakes locked on and I cannot move forward. This is without me pushing the brakes on at all. I have tried to push the left and right toes to see if the setting is somehow reversed (i.e. off is on) but that doesn't make a difference.

    I'm sure it's something simple I'm forgetting but I can't figure it out.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Many thanks


  • Hi,

    Thanks for that, it's not the parking brake, I checked that. I also tested it initially when configured and right and left brakes worked as they should. It was just on landing in the Q400 that the brakes slammed on full and then no matter which aircraft I used after that point, the brakes were locked on, even if I used the reversed positions for the brakes.