New liveries in the forum for the A320, Dash Q400 Ect...

  • Hi,

    In the dowload from this site, we have "only" B747, Learjet, DR400 and C172, and where are the A320 and the new Dash Q400 There is no one liveries for this 2 planes

    For the Dash Q400 i begreep, he is new, but for The A320, Why we have no liveries, just the basics from the game, we gonna say me : there is a lot liveries for the A320, but one year later, we wish more

    (pls, a Ryannair A320, that must be so hilarious, yes, i know ryannair is only boeing but ryannair have not boeing 737-500 in he's fregate)

    But there is in works new liveries

    For me, I wish a Air Berlin for the Dash and a Quantas Link, and a fictionnal KLM, and for the A320, a Ryannair, that is only for the "LOL", A KLM (fictionnal) and Jet Bleu.

    And for the all person of the forum wath is the liveries that you would like to have in Aerofly ?