5th Avenue at 50 feet ...

  • I was flying an F-18 between the buildings of New York City to check for stutters with my Aerofly graphics settings and finally settled on the following for the 6 adjustments - UHHMLL (U=Ultra, H=High, M=Medium, L=Low) which give me a rock solid 90 FPS in VR using a Samsung Odyssey (4.6M pixels) with the Aerofly Render Scale = 1.33 .

    While dodging buildings, I noticed how straight 5th Avenue looked (about 3 miles) and that it ran into Central Park so I decided to give it a try with 50 feet of altitude !

    NO PROBLEM !!! - made it out in one piece thanks to the smooth 90 FPS !!!

  • Now go to Central Park in something slower and do some aerobatics :).

    Flying over Manhattan, Hudson/East rivers, Central Park and around the Statue of Liberty is some of the most enjoyable flying I've ever done, IRL.

    So in an amazing sim like AFS2, it's a blast to explore and do things like this, especially in VR. Things that are totally unwise as well as illegal in the real world LOL.

    Flying under the areas bridges as well.




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  • I landed on Broadway in the 172, that was pretty cool.

    I've also recreated the scene in my avatar in the Buckmeister, only without the Gorilla. We need more giant gorillas in FS2 for sure.

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