strange joysticks issue

  • Hey all, I have 2 joysticks, 1 for ailerons, elevator and rudder and the other just for braking which worked great until recently. Now when I brake, the throttles move too. They throttle back in conjunction with the brakes, which did not happen before.

    They show up just fine in the control menu and work as they should, but not in the cockpit of any aircraft....
    Calibrating or even reinstalling did not solve the problem :(

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    Could you please reset your complete control settings by clicking on the second button from the right side in the Controls menu? As an alternative, delete the file called gc-map.mcf in the folder 'Documents/Aerofly FS 2/'.

    Once of the last update introduced a slight change in the controller settings that sometimes requires to reset everything. You have to redo all your mappings, but after that it should work fine.

  • Despite resetting and deleting a file everything remains the same; In the control settings everything works normally like when I press the brakes I can see the slider moving while I don't see the throttle slider moving even if I have it set halfway. However in the cockpit when I press the brakes the trottles move back. P.s, the engine is turning somewhat above Idle with the throttle levers fully back and will only Idle completely with the brakes depressed. This is on all aircraft and happened only recently. Before that it was ok.

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    Unplug the working joystick (for elevator, ailerons) and remove all assignments that are conflicting, like the throttle, aileron, rudder etc. Then your second joystick should just control the brakes. Then reconnect the main joystick for aileron, elevator, etc. which should automatically restore the assigned functions for that joystick.

    Then the conflict for the throttle should be gone.