Copy an object

  • I tried to copy an object of the swiss dlc to another place.

    I copied the whole folder 'fernsehturm' and tried then to change the fernsehturm.tsc in order to reflect the new place.

    New coordinates: <[vector2_float64][tower_position][7.52916739045754 46.9791672183328]>

    New height: <[float64][height][941]>

    The tower does not appear at the new place (Bantiger near Berne airport).

    What else do I have to change in the new fernsehturm.tsc file?



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  • The Tower position in the TSC does not place a 3D object there, its just for properly handling the 'tower view'.

    The tower is usually inside the TMB file as a virtual name which is then pulled from our XREF object library. You cannot modify this.

  • Ah ok. As fernsehturm.tsc is in 'web mercator' you have to change the following block

    If you can't deal with web mercator, use lonlat instead so it would look something like this

    But the fernsehturm is modelled with autoheight false so to adjust the position add a height offset to the line marked with XXXX

    The height parameter has no effect for object placement.