Enormous progress in 12 months.

  • I removed FS2 a year ago to install it in a new 2TB hybrid drive but was unable to complete the job because of a health problem. All has just been completed and I am amazed at the sophistication of the current version. As an indication of how much more complex Aero has become I have had to detune my PC overclock from 4.3 Ghz down to 4.1GHz and have turned down the (bewildering) graphics card overclock by about 20% to get the current FS2 into a stable state. I had previously used a maxed-out Aero as my demanding program in peaking my overclock. I had previously also run the Aero graphics on 'Ultra' everything but now need to turn things down a click.

    I see a great deal of catching up ahead of me, the Dash 8 is simply magnificent and the new sceneries look almost overwhelming. I managed a nice Dash 8 TRA/KLO/ILS16 into Zurich using the flight director and felt wonderfully entertained and appreciative of how much more quality simulation there is to learn from this Aero plane alone.

    It seems a great time to re-enter PC Aero, the mobile side kept me 'current' over the past year but it has fallen very far behind over the years, the realism and welcome complexity of the PC version is simply inspiring! Where is there a Dash 8 online type rating!

    Bring on the Robinson R22, a hard to fly trainer helicopter is an excellent choice. Everything after will be easier.:)