TrackIR box

  • I notice that at least in the Q400 the space in which you can move while using TrackIR is rather limited. A bit too limited to my liking. ;) I have a hard time looking down out of the window or moving forward or sideways. Too often I bump my head to the invisible wall. The box is obviously smaller than the space you have in the cockpit: it's not that I bump my head against the window or anything: I can't even get that far!

    Is there a reason for this limitation and is there a way to remove it? Or could this be changed in the future...?

  • Agree with you, same "problem" for me with the TrackIR and also with the C172 and the Baron 58 i use the most. In FlightSimWorld for example i find the TrackIR better managed, can put my head against the window and look down. So interested too to know if it will be improved in the futur or if there is a tip (personnaly try different settings but always this problem).

  • Thanks for your answer Sylvain. That's strange, with the default settings on both i can put my head against the left window on FSW but not with AFS2, have the "wall effect" earlier as J van E. Will check better if i have missed something.

  • I also use a default profile and I can move my head anywhere in P3D but not in Aerofly... I can of course move my head but not as far as I sometimes want to. I have a similar (even smaller) limitation in Truck Simulator so it seems to me the limitation is programmed into the sim...

    Is there something one of the devs can say about this? The limitation keeps on annoying me. Will this box ever be removed? And if not, why is it there? I can imagine a box preventing me from moving my head THROUGH the window but I should be able to put my nose against anything I see in the cockpit. I can't even get close to the window.