Aircraft tutorials available, especially for commercial AC?

  • Would like to know if there are any FS2 tutorials for the Airbus, 737, or Q400.

    Been a (casual) GA simmer for many, many years, and think FS2 is finally the best way to get a taste of the commercial side without having to know all the equipment, systems, sub-systems, procedures, well, you get the idea.

    Thing is, I'd like to know how to set up a flight plan (not that hard in FS2), then fly it (according to FS2 aircraft features). Things like setting up for takeoff, using reasonable speeds, altitudes, figuring TOD, aligning with glideslope, etc. I learn best by watching someone do it.

    Anyone aware of tutorials or well laid out flights that I could use?

    Better yet, if someone could DO something like that, I bet there are a lot of casual simmers, especially us GA types, who would benefit from it.

    Thanks for any info on this!


  • There sure are. Some of the flight tutorials are outstanding and includes options or shortcuts, depending on your talents or desire for that day. The Q400 is the newest aircraft added and has an excellent flight tutorial. The B737-500 tutorial is due for an update but, is still useable for sure. The Airbus A320 has a large following here and the flight tutorial is quite brief and easy to fly. I would like to see a more challenging flight in the future.

    Although you didn't ask about the Learjet 45, it is my favorite and has an excellent flight tutorial with several options that you can choose to fly or skip. This makes it useful for short flights, somewhat more extended flights and has some options for sight seeing and course recovery.

    All of these flight tutorials could be improved by adding night flights, longer flights, and flights using the upper flight level but, as a whole, I highly recommend them for a good solid introduction to 4 of the AFS2 aircraft.



    Go to and choose "learn more" then follow the links to the wiki. You are only 4 or 5 clicks away. Down the left hand side you will find the current aircraft list that has flight information available.

  • Thanks for the info. Will check them out and see if an old codger can do it, or at least have fun trying!

    The recommendations comes from an old codger, so I am betting you will enjoy them. I have flown each one so I can speak from experience.



  • Familiarization Flight - 737-500 - TO Climb Speed Run Descent ILS to landing

    This is quite crude with some obvious missing items that would only confuse a pilot looking for an introductory flight. I am working on an update to clean it up and add more detail and more screenshots. I am also going to have an option for VR users vs non-VR users to make it easier for each group to build and fly the flight plan.