Developer Camera

  • Thank you for having a look.

    It most definitely worked before, must have gotten broken in an update.

    It is a most annoying thing to have had this facility, and then find it gone, as it makes framing a screenshot a pleasure instead of a pain!

    I've mentioned this before: one of the best advertisements a dev can have, is exposure to the wider community by the user group.

    And a really good way of doing this?

    A great screenshot, and a bit of discussion around it.

    As one who does drop AFS2 screens on other forums, I had thought IPACS might not actively discourage this by ignoring a forum plea for help.

    I accept that IPACS has priorities in developing the sim, and I accept that making a decent set of photo roaming tools might not be highest on the list of to-do's.

    But breaking the sim and then ignoring feedback is a little discouraging, chaps.