Without Question One Of The Best DLCs EVER

  • I have no clue how long you guys have been working on this wonderful jewel. It must have been a long time. The depth of detail added with just how much of it there is... is absolutely amazing. The buildings just go on and on. I kept waiting for the low res to pop up between cities... it never happened!

    Gents, If this is what we can expect from you in the future... I will happily pay for any and all you produce!



  • The airports are of orbx quality, expecially key west intl, miami intl and marathon. The left six are also satisfying enough. And nine airports sells at the price of one. All the details are shining, I even doubt whether the upcoming Netherlands trueearth could be as fantastic as this one.

  • I even doubt whether the upcoming Netherlands trueearth could be as fantastic as this one.

    TrueEarth will be different but it will also be something like 10 times (?) as big and have cultivation EVERYWHERE. I noticed a few area's already in Miami where there are no buildings at all while there should be ones. The buildings (the generic ones, not the hand modeled 3D objects) also often aren't placed as precisely as in TrueEarth: seems a bit more random in this DLC and the used models often are different from the ones you see in the photoreal texture. TrueEarth is a lot more correct, precise and dense (although also not perfect everywhere).

    Which doesn't mean South Florida is bad LOL ^^ Flying over the islands and looking down on all those colors in the water is awesome! Seeing all those buildings in Miami and still having an fps of >135 is awesome too (with all settings at Ultra/Insane)! (Which is very promising for TrueEarth!) And the lack of a weather engine isn't as bad in Florida as it is elsewhere because the blue sky suits the scenery well LOL

    For me though South Florida, nice as it is, mainly is an appetizer for TrueEarth Netherlands... but that's mainly because the Netherlands is my home country and I can't wait to fly over my home country in AFS2 (instead of in P3D where fps is around 20... ^^ ). I am planning to spend a LOT of time in my home country!