TMD file again

  • ooooo errr that's a lot to get my brain around. but I will eventually :/

    The lynx engine (Gem42) is a pretty elderly lady so fadecs were not on the scene, phew one less thing to worry about, a simple fuel_controller should be ok. Tweaking the values you mentioned should help. I have replicated the full fuel system and all values seem quite stable so will leave that in for the moment. DC and AC systems coming along nicely, In reality the Hyd packs and AC gens are mounted to the front of the gearbox, driven by either engine through some free wheels etc, would this be possible with the heli system

    I still need some form of output shaft to link it all to, ie a main gearbox/rotor system. I guess this controls the torque output as well which is why they max out on the gauge.

    Thanks again, steve

  • Hi Jan

    Having trouble outputting NP or as I call it NF, do you see anything obviously wrong with this code. I used NH in place of NF to output to the gauge to check that out and the gauge works fine. When I monitor NF and RightReductionGear they simply bounce between 0.0 and -0.0

    Thanks, Steve

    Edit, further investigation leads to RightTorqueMeter.OutputRotationSpeed0. which is also bouncing. Right Torque meter shows 2462 as its output. I'm wondering if it's all to do with the fact I don't have any correct drive train, ie main rotor gearbox etc. I am using just

    PropellerBodyRight > DriveShaftRight>PropellerJointRight as a stand in. PropellerBodyRight mass is 10

  • The rotation speed of the power turbine is not actually defined within the engine, it is defined by the rotation speed of the propeller or rotor and the gear box ratio unless you actually disconnect the physical connection with a clutch or free wheel (drivetrain_freewheel) which you probably don't have yet.

    If your propeller is actually stopped then the power turbine is also stopped. Maybe you should add a way to visualize the propeller rotation, e.g. hook up the rotor geometry to the propeller rigidbody. If they don't spin then the shaft that the turbine sits on also doesn't spin.

    Check that you have an InitialVelocity for the joint that hold the propeller in place (PropellerJoint). And also check that there is no additional friction that would slow down the shaft.

  • Hi Master

    How do we make a button return to its start position ?. When I press the starter button it goes in and latches, it should spring back out when the engine is self sustaining, 0.3NH will be ok. I have tried to modify the Q400 apu code but with no success. The button will go in and latch, and once the engine reaches 0.3 NH I am no longer able to move the button. On engine shut down the button becomes active again below 0.3 but it's still in the pushed in position.

    Have any changes been made to the radar altimeter in the latest release. My rad alt needle for the pilot and copilot have vanished, they both use the same RadarAltimeter.Output to drive the needle. If I use a constant value called RadarAltimeter and output this, the needles re-appear at the correct constant value. If I monitor the RadarAltimeter.Output I get nan reported, whats nan ?


  • Hi Steve,

    We didn't change the radar altimeter, maybe you swapped the pivots from pilot and copilot?

    A button that is depressed and stays in would be called a switch in aerofly. Us an "input_switch" for the button position.

    To reset the switch you add an event_edge with a threshold of 0.3 and an input of your engine NH. Make it rising only and as Events add your Switch.Reset.

  • Hi Master Jan Kenobi

    When doing a numeric display how do we input the numbers for TargetPosition and TargetSize

    I know they are taken from the lower left corner and they are UV co-ordinates but are the numbers across then up or up then across. I have tried both and they still do not work as they should.

    Also, the 2 display polygons are next to each other, adjusting one seems to blank out the other one as if its being covered over. If I reverse the order of the Render calls the one that was blanked becomes visible and the one that was visible is hidden.


  • Hi Steve,

    They are like x-y coordinates on a plane, first across to the right, then up.

    Scale is your texture size or the size of the texture that you are measuring your position and size in.

    Position is the lower left corner on your texture with the first value being the distance from the left hand edge to your starting position and the second value being the distance from your bottom edge to the start position.

    Size is the step from that lower left corner to the upper right corner, first value is the width, second is the height.

    If you position is not correct you will either see nothing at all or it won't be aligned with your lower left corner of the display.

    If your size is wrong then the text will be too large and you also cover up other areas on the texture that you shouldn't, which is currently happening to you.

    We recommend leaving a little gap between the displays on your display texture, so that you can draw over the edges without directly impacting another display. E.g. leave 10px margin on your uv-texture mappings in your 3d model.

  • Hi jan

    Thanks for the info, No matter how hard I tried I could not get the numbers to perform right so I am trying another way to get my display.

    I am using 18 drums, now don't laugh or say some choice words, it actually works and for what I want it may be easier. The coding to make the drums do all the things they have to is another matter but I enjoy a challenge. Quite where to get the info from and how to input things will test my logic skills. lat and Long, waypoints, bearing and distance, drift and the list goes on, yipee

    Thanks Steve

  • Hi Jan

    I am doing the pedal brushes which are similar to the throttle brushes on the F18.

    It looks like you use 5 single sided polygons. I assume there is also a bone attached to these somehow. How does the bone get referenced if this is the case, what naming is used ?

    From the TMD for the graphics_lip am I right in the following

    Base....each end of the bone ( top, middle or bottom of polygon ?)

    Rotation.... angle in radians that the top of the polygons move

    Length.... length of maximum deflection

    Fade... length from max to min deflection

    Do we use a similar method for rubber boots around the base of the cyclic stick and the main rotor spider arms


  • Hi Steve,

    As far as I know the brushes don't need any bones, just enough vertices so that each vertex can be transformed without it looking too low poly.

    We use several layers to make it look more like a brush than a lip but if it is an actual rubber like lip you only need one.

    Base is a 3d vector list of the base of the lever where it intersects the throttle quadrant. AFAIK the list contains two entries for a slider type (like F18 throttle) and three entries for an arc shaped lip (like on a throttle quadrant).

    The rubber or leather on the stick base is done differently, called "graphics_skin". That does need vertex weights to work properly but again no bones I think. The animation happens per vertex and the vertex weight scales the input transform for that vertex if I'm correct.

  • Hi Jan

    Whilst looking into rubber boots (bag) and pedal brushes (F18 Throttle) I noticed that they all have individual texture maps. Is this mandatory for the sim or can we just use a texture map which is used by many other items.

    Also, for a boot (bag) what vertex color do we need to add, I'm assuming its a blend from white to black, black no movement and white full movement. Only reason I ask, in scenery it is red and black.


  • Hi Jan

    Having some difficulty with graphics_skin

    The cyclic rubber boot has its own texture map. I have tried vertex weighting with both vertex paint and manually applying, same result for both.

    If I use graphics_skin the object disappears. If I change it to rigidbodygraphics, the object is there and does follow the cyclic movement. Code used is

                    <[string8][GeometryList][ CoPilotsCyclicBoot ]>

    Any ideas ?