F4U gear indicator

  • I'm using HTC Vive, so I can't zoom. The pips only appear if I bend down and stick my face in the instrument panel.

    I found that the graphics quality was set to medium. The pips reappear if I set it to ultra, but that makes the view very jerky if I perform a fast aileron roll over complex terrain.

    Is there a custom setting I can use to show the pips in cockpit but have less detail outside?

  • I have WIndows 8.1 on a i7-4820 @ 3.7GHz with 64GB RAM, and an early GTX1080. I last updated my graphics drivers about 1 month ago. I set render scale factor to 1.0 and scale factor to 0.0 (the defaults, I think).

    In steam VR, application resolution is on manual override but set at 100% (the Steam app recommends 184%, but that kills DCS). Reprojection is ON, motion smoothing is OFF (unavailable on Windows 8.1).

    I am blessed (?) with a quick eye, so I am sensitive to the very slightest jerk. The effect is most pronounced when looking out over the wing and performing a fast roll. As well as jerking, the mountains in the distance become ghosted, with two copies of the horizon separated by a small distance.