Q400 Paint Kit help needed please

  • I have been working on a few Q400 repaints, and all of them so far have been having the same issues, so I'm reaching out to the community for some suggestions. First, although the engine nacelles, tail, and landing gear seem crisp and clear, all of the fuselages are being generated with jaggy low quality textures, as shown here. I have tried numerous saved source files, and even tried using the basic white fuselage texture that comes pre generated in the paint kit, and all come out the same. I have updated the model.tmc to look for 4096 textures ( <[int32][MaxTextureSize][4096]> ) but it hasn't helped at all. The ext01_fuselage_color.bmp file is saved as a 4096X4096 24 Bit bitmap. The quality reminds me of something with either Antialiasing issues or perhaps mipmaps are being applied. You can see the fuzzy details in the Frontier wordmark, and it is also very evident on the door instruction arrows and fleet numbers on the nose gear doors. Note how clear the tail and engines look however, in comparison.

    The second issue is that the rudder sections are misaligned to one another. The impression that I get is that the texture sections are mapped to the entire rudder sections, including the leading edge portions that are normally hidden, with the part of the texture file that should only be applied to the visible portions of the rudder, which results in the individual sections getting stretched and thus misaligned. This is less evident on the image above , only because there are no straight lines, however on the image below the misalignments are clearly visible.

    Finally, and again I am having the same issue on each attempt that I have tried, is that the preview images have a solid prop disk. The props in the sim look perfectly fine, either static or running, but the previews show an ugly solid disk, as shown below.

    Any help that anyone can offer on solving either of these issues is greatly appreciated!!