• Hi guys,

    There is a tool in P3D to see, before we choose an hour, something call time-lap or time preview (sorry I'm not on my simulator).

    This I think is something you could add pretty easily. Or at least a dawn, day, night... choice.

    Cheers, Ben

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  • I think AFS2's current option to change time on the fly already beats P3D's option. In P3D you need to access the menu, set a time, check how things look and then accept it or not. In AFS2 you press (and hold) T or Shift-T and you can set whatever time that looks good to you in seconds, and all that even while you keep on flying! Why add a more complicated option for something simple and good which we already have...?

    {I just checked it and it takes 5 to 6 seconds to cycle through 24 hours so you can indeed set any time you want within seconds.)

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