Uncontrollable two wheels planes in slope landing

  • Before you start creating custom meshes for all of the runways I want you to know that we plan on correcting these wheel issues on the default terrain. Obviously it should not matter where you taxi to, the wheels should behave correctly no matter if custom mesh or not. This might take some time before we get to that, so my suggestion would be that you only create meshes for the worst runways with the steepest slope.

    I found that most of the sloped mountain runways are actually okay to land on if you land a bit longer where the slope is not as steep and if you maintain above idle throttle.

    OK, I prefere this solution, then I'll do only some test in the meantime.

    I would like to be able to create real 3D custom slope runways with beautifull textures, but not the competances for now...