• First make sure that you have a compatible device. If you have a compatible device make sure that it's fully updated and that you don;lt have too many apps running in the background.

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  • Have you tried to do the install with your PC turned off? There might be windows processes hogging your bandwidth or otherwise interfering with your modem, have you tried it during local internet off peak times and with a freshly re-started router and with the iPhone or iPad physically closer to the router?

    Is there any noisey electrical equipment nearby such as running microwave ovens or electric welders?, is an analog radio noisey on AM or FM? Can you view streaming high bandwidth media such as 1080p YouTube video without buffering pauses? Is your router old and showing signs of intermittent faults, have you tried to do the install at a different site using a different router? Can you borrow a different, newer lightning connector and battery charger?

    Is your device showing any signs of degradation?, can you download full movies without corruption. Have you checked your settings for any background activity that you can suspend during the install such as app and podcast updates and downloads, siri activity, news and other app pre-loading. Can you suspend your phone activity, I don’t use iPhones but can you suspend network activity? Is your bluetooth turned off?

    Try to see what background activity is running, look at your battery usage. Do any installed apps affect your internet connection?

    I did the FS2 install about 18 months ago and Switzerland went in OK. I now use iOS 12. Do you have any incompatible pre iOS 11 software still onboard?