Aerofly 2 2019

  • Hello IPACS

    Can you guys please accept this proposal of mine about releasing Aerofly 2 2019 for Android?

    I think that you must release Aerofly 2 2019 for Android devices. I am telling this because without releasing it on Android how can you confidently say that it will not run on Android. According to me you first release it on Android and see the reviews of People if the reviews are not good then you remove or take up that game from Play store and if the reviews are good then you keep it on Play store. I think that this will be a great move.

    Or if you are worried about whether it will work on Android or not then please release a beta version of it and get some beta testers to try it and give their reviews.

    I have lot of Android devices of various companies and of various specifications so you can give me a chance to test it on all Android devices.

    Please kindly tell what you think.

    Thank You


  • We have mentioned this quite a few times already that we just aren't sure yet if we will support Android in the future. Please be sure to check back for any changes to this but at this time we have no other responses.

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