Flying Mag - 1968 - Piper Cub Cruiser

  • Quality is poor at best. But, you can zoom the pdf up 200% and read the small text. I don't think they were considering digital copies and widescreen monitors in 1968. One of these models is real close to our PA-11 freeware. I guess the PA-11 is someplace in between the two. The two models have 75 hp and 104 hp Lycomings. The default setting for Krzyak's Pipercub PA-11 is 65 hp.

    A one-line code change in the tmd file will change the existing 65 hp to 104 hp. I have decided that I prefer 75 hp - 90 hp as a good balance of performance.



    Pooh. The file is just a little too large to attach. I deleted one page and used the smaller publishing size. Barely readable now.


    The quality of the pdf above is so poor that I made a new one using single pages and dropped off the cover page which was mostly just half a picture of the cub and now it is just under the wire for size but should be a little easier on the eyes.