Unrealistic helicopter flight

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    Ich habe mir RC8 gerade angeschafft und hatte gehofft, dass die Flugphysik der Helis verbessert wurde.

    Unter last müsste die Drehzahl sinken. Das tut sie bei den von mir getesteten Modellen aber nicht. Weder bei Pitch noch bei Rollen oder Nicken.

    Arbeitet ihr daran noch? Der Reflex XTR2 macht das besser.


    I just bought RC8 and had hoped that the flight physics of the helicopters would be improved.

    Under load the rotation speed should decrease. But it doesn't do that with the models I tested. Neither with pitch nor with rolls or nods.

    Are you still working on it? The Reflex XTR2 does it better.

  • I think that the 3D heli physics in RC8 are pretty good, but of course not perfect, lol!

    I mainly fly 3D with the RC8 Goblin 700 and when I pitch pump the collective the headspeed RPM changes under load. For simple flips/rolls there is not any RPM change. A real high performance Electric with a good speed controller/governor with a proper amount of headroom and collective travel, in good hands, does not bog down either (or not too much anyway, lol!).

    I also use Realflight 8 and maybe it's heli physics are a bit better but not significantly better imho. I have not tried Reflex XTR2 so I cannot comment if it is any better or not, but I doubt it's perfect. However, if you think it is then that's what you should be using I guess.

    I think that the main purpose of using any RC Sim for helis (and other aircraft) is to help teach muscle memory. I believe that both RC8 and RF8 are suitable to help achieve this. Of course you will always need to eventually work this out at an actual flying field with a properly setup heli.

  • The only minor 2x complaints I have with RC8 heli's are that you cannot see the tail blades and there is no real main blade sounds (blade slap). Neither of these effects the flight properties but both of these would make them look and sound a little more realistic imho.

    Aside; If you make big/hard collective moves like tic-tocks, you will def see RPM changes and you get a little bogging. Again, it would be a lot more noticeable if the proper main blade sounds were present.

  • If you pop up the model info screen you will see a fair amount of rpm change during hard collective moves like tictocs. Because there is no proper blade noise it's not as noticeable. Also, the stock heli is set up with pretty conservative collective pitch ranges (~+/- 9 deg) so you can hit them pretty hard without bogging. Lots of 3D heli guys crank this up to ~+/-14-15 deg. Maybe edit your rc8 heli's collective pitch to +/-15 deg and see how you go, lol!