Mouse sometimes stuck

  • I reinstalled Windows 10 and AFS2 last week. I also installed the Duchess. Every now and then I have the problem that my mouse is stuck somewhere and I can't click on something. In the screenshot below my mouse cursor is actually above the ATT button (below HDG) on the AP (I see the mouse pointer on my PC but you can't see it on this screenshot) while the AFS2 mouse icon is stuck somewhere to the left. I have to frequently 'shake' my mouse in order to get the AFS2 cursor in the correct spot... Anyone else having this problem and anyone has an idea how to fix this?

  • No, it's a wired mouse. I have to add I only notice this with the Duchess: never had this before. And it mainly happens around the GPS and AP area. I also noticed, after posting this topic during my flight, ;) that alt-tabbing out of the game and alt-tabbing back in it again seems to solve it, at least for a while.