Error message in aircraft converter

  • I am probably missing something simple here, but will ask regardless.

    I'm working on a simple repaint of the third party Piper Cub addon. Everything is going well with the conversion process until it stalls with a message saying "Cannot load aircraft - set Aerofly FS2 folder in config.tcm"

    What I cannot understand is that by that time the converter has already loaded the aircraft into the my documents/.../aircraft/pipercub folder. Everything is there except a preview.ttx which has failed to generate. At that point, I can get the aircraft to fly in FS2 only if I copy an existing preview.ttx file from another pipercub repaint and place it in the new repaint's folder.

    So, what am I missing?

    - Kenneth

    UPDATE... Thanks to GACSavannah, for suggesting that I place the pipercub folder in the main aircraft folder, not the my documents aircraft folder. It worked!