problem with extending map files

  • Salut,

    I have never changed the file extension under W10, but I have a very bad surprise!

    After installing scenery of the swiss, I check the images folder, and I see that all the map_xxx_xxx files are point .ttc ! I checked the other folder 'images' and ALL the files are .ttc !

    .ttc is the extension that we give to the files 'font characters' so it surprises me!

    - I tried to rename 'a file' to. bmp and view it in the tool: TmfViewer but he does not want to read it.

    Please, how can I fix this problem?


  • This is not a problem as the files are converted to .ttc for copyright security. You can't read .ttc files once they are converted by using our SDK tools.

    .ttc are our compressed textures for terrain color , it just happens to have the same file extension as the true type collection font files.

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