Leobodnar calibration issue

  • Hi folks,

    I have a DIY set of helicopter controls designed around a Leobodnar USB joystick controller board. This works very well in XP11 but I cannot seem to get it to work in FS2. I can see all 7 axes and the buttons in the device calibration screen in FS2 and I can see them all moving in response to control movements. When I go back to control assignment screen though, I can't assign all the axes. Throttle and cyclic are ok but if I select pedals or collective and then move those controls as per the instructions on the screen, no movement is registered and so I can't complete the assignment. No ideas forthcoming from Aerosoft support unfortunately. I've seen similar issues described on the www but have yet to come across a solution. Any ideas would be gratefully received - FS2 looks amazing but it's a waste of money at the moment if I can't fly!



  • I have home made flight controls using leo bodnar. They all work great in FS2. Have you tested/calibrated the system with the windows game controllers device.