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    Submitted. My opinion: don't spend time on something only the happy few has but spend time om the simulation itself. ATC, weather, system depth, etc. 99% of the AFS2 users is wanting more of that. I'd be surprised if 2% of the users owns a motion platform. Not a priority, it seems to me.

    I also spent a lot of money on a high quality yoke. Not a Saitek or CH Products, but made by Aircraft Controls Engineering. An ACE B737. Not many people will have these so it won't use the same circuitry as Saitek, Thrustmaster etc. Surely low down the priority if there's ever a glitch with the FS2's currently excellent, idiot proof recognition of just about any control peripheral. I know that X-Plane hasn't detected all my peripherals with the same ease as FS2.

    Maybe I just got lucky that FS2 currently detects most hardware without hassle, and IPACS never intended it to "just work"? I wonder how much of my investment in FS2 is vulnerable to this new strategy of just focussing on the functionality 90% of people use. Anyone else with an ACE, a Yoko, a PFC is presumably in this minority.

    I'm curious too if we'd all agree on what 90% of people really want? Do we all agree that ATC is more important that weather? Personally I only fly GA so I don't care for all the systems functionality people want to work on big aircraft, pushback. Perhaps I'm in a minority here too?

    If you do get support and "bring it back" will you be bringing it back at the same development speed as you are, say, adding better clouds and water. I'm just wondering whether to sell my motion platform. It was my special and expensive 50th birthday present gift from my wife for use with FS2 but as I have no interest in driving games or other flight sims its an expensive chair at the moment.

    If this is something that might be done in the near future I'll hang on to it.

    My worry is that motion platform support has now switched from being an existing part of the sim that gets fixed when its broken to one of the future nice to haves.

    Hey guys, just sharing some info Jan sent me in regards to Inputs

    One day someone might make a little YouTube training course introducing these concepts from the top down with some visual references and I bet a lot more people would feel inspired to have a go at this. The way Rodeo did for scenery.

    I'll make a proper helipad option in Fscloudport soon. Probably 3 options:

    1. As -is with no flattening so it can go on on or near existing fscp tarmac

    2. With a circular disc of tarmac

    3. With a circular disc of grass

    I don't think my AC3D technology which i use to generate these can handle transparent ground surface as it lacks vertex weights, but someone with Max could perhaps make me a tmb which could do that. Say 40m radius?

    The heli will have just the one H design as presently done.


    I love it. Its fantastic in VR. Such clarity of instruments - works great with my new Samsung Oddysey headset (and my new home flight stick)



    That's great to hear!

    I think you might have something extra to be excited about Mr Spit40 ;)

    I can barely contain myself. The last time I modelled a Spitfire it looked like this. My airport modelling skills have improved since 1985 but sadly not my aircraft design.

    I've got no knowledge about this stuff, but its very exciting. I sense we are building a critical mass of skilled aircraft designers (Krysz just came on the scene too in the last week or so) and 2019 will be amazing for FS2.