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    Since switching from Rift to WMR I've missed Oculus Dash windows overlays which can be seen inside the cockpit. OVRDrop was always a pain, but now I've found DailyVR2.0. A steam app that lets you pull in a browser window showing a google map, or approach plate or other navigation notes. There's no need to configure it in the desktop first like OVRDrop. You just launch it and then from within VR you can launch windows, move them around, resize them, fade them in and out.

    Looks like it will be 2-3 weeks before it is back in stock in the UK, so any buyers remorse or further positive impressions over that time would be good to know John :)

    Oh, and do you wear glasses by the way, and if so, how are you getting on with them in the headset? I note is planning lenses for the reverb but not out yet.

    Same here - more teasers please from the lucky Reverb owners!

    What we all *really* want is Reverb resolution with 170 degrees FOV but that's 2 years away I'd say, so for now Reverb is probably the flight simmers choice. Let's have more feedback to validate that suggestion.

    I just got my Reverb and wanted to give a bit of feedback, happy to say it worked first time and looks amazing. Those great framerates really help and it's a smooth and exceptionally sharp appearance. TE Netherlands looks super and you can see so much detail in the cockpit. Reverb+FS2=big win :thumbup:

    Brilliant - I'm very excited about the Reverb. I have so many questions:

    • What were you using before?
    • How about smaller instruments on say the Baron B58 - even in my Odyssey I find a lot of the dials and readouts too blurry. Do you see step change improvement?
    • How about the sweet spot? Is there a limited area that feels sharp?
    • Is your IPD quite normal? Its software only IPD adjustment isn't it?
    • Are you able to run ultra everything in NLTE with your 2080? What steam supersample and FS2 render factor?

    Fscp can struggle if the terrain is steep in parts. A hand drawn airport would involve tailored terrain smoothing of the airport footprint but fscp is unaware of where the runway is being placed and things can go wrong elevationwise as a result.

    We'll look into that.

    Does it work if you switch back to the normal view via the new view settings? Does it only affect the advanced camera control or is the normal view affected, too?

    I've loaded up beta gain and when I checked the view mode it was on normal, I tried advanced too. In both cases the analogue options for seat/view adjustment were non responsive. Back to the release version for me.

    I feared that. But if so, I find it strange they don't immediately fix it. It must be a small mistake/regression somewhere: the flight dynamics engine must have this data readily available, and it must be correct, otherwise nothing would fly. Such things are usually one-line problems...

    Meanwhile, without this data, FS2 cannot be used in a professional environment.

    Have you already reported the problem to IPACS when you found it?

    If you do a little searching in the forum on "motion" there's been a load of correspondence between motion platform users and IPACS. They say there's a good reason for stopping it.

    Stuff here too:…-fs-2-plugin.9096/page-10

    Its been "broken" for about 6 months. I think when the R22 came in and around the same day I'd finished building my g-seat which requires those acceleration DOFs. IPACS say they'll build a new one but at present they're just supporting preferred partners.

    We'll look into that.

    Does it work if you switch back to the normal view via the new view settings? Does it only affect the advanced camera control or is the normal view affected, too?

    I haven’t tried the advanced camera control yet. This is just for making small adjustments when I’m in the pilot seat to make it dead centre and at the right height

    Beta has lost ability to move with analogue adjusters

    Please don't release the beta to live until you put back the ability for me to adjust my seat position with analogue adjusters. I'm talking about the slider options below. They work very well for making fine adjustments between aircraft but the beta has disabled this option. Its only allowing push button incremental steps now.

    This looks very promising. I am very convinced about the resolution and have no worries about the tracking. I just hope the sweet spot is pretty good as I’m a bit disappointed with the Odyssey sweet spot these days. IPD as well of course.