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    Hi, working pretty hard on it actually, though i’ve decided to focus on getting one complete product designed and all assembly niggles ironed out. Part of that is to fine tune these maghalls. I’m developing a system to simplify the alignment of the cube magnet. The design doesn’t need to restrict +/-45 degs or so. As long as the sensor/magnet alignment starts in the right place you get almost +/-90.

    I’m using 3 of them here for pitch, roll and brake lever.

    Thanks. One of my breakthroughs was to move away from designing items as one entire unit and so having to design in the bearings, hall sensors, friction, wire connectivity etc etc each time on a custom basis, but designing re-usable components. Here's my "MagHall 6802" which can easily be dropped into a Heli collective, flap lever, landing gear, throttle quadrant etc just like a piece of lego. Someone I'm working with is making a throttle quadrant for a P47 with it.

    I've put a few more piccies on

    I'll release the designs for this when I'm properly launched and you can drop it straight into Fusion 360 (Sketchup too probably)

    Hey, thanks for the offer. Unfortunately I don't currently have a 3D printer, but I'll definitely ping you in case I do acquire one some time soon.

    I'll set up a Facebook page soon so people can follow progress better. I'm also working on more ways to solve the 3d printer problem. There is already one person on the forum here who has offered to 3d print one or two full sets of parts at cost as a gesture of goodwill for people in the community. Cost of printing all the parts is probably <$20. This is the kind of community sharing I'm hoping to inspire with this project.


    I'm unable to load any third party aircraft with latest beta (20200829).

    My p2008, krisk's or just flight, all give an endless list of geometry not found errors in the tm.log.

    RE: DR 400 cold&dark available for download

    Hi Andrew,

    Everything on the dashboard positions correctly due to the fascia, which is part cosmetic and part for alignment. Also on the bottom of the fascia is a small "nick" and all the console mounted controls (wheel brake, trim, flaps) are aligned under there.

    Then you need to use measurement to align the console controls. I'll be supplying a simplified version of this.

    As for the next VR headset, I have the Reverb G2 on order. It doesn't provide the big FOV we all crave but its a big step up from the Rift (i had the HP G1). Screen door and clarity is a non-issue with the Reverb.



    Very intriguing project! I’m really impressed with your vision and understanding of what matters most in VR, i.e. geographic location of controls, levers, knobs, switches and buttons. The modular approach is just perfect to allow individual adaptation of different aircraft. Well done - I’ll be watching the ongoing development of this with great interest!

    Thanks, well apart from making a few tweaks to the DR400 design, my main focus of effort now is creating assembly videos and giving jpx all the help he needs to build this. He received a kit this week.

    Introducing AuthentiKit

    In the spirit of sharing our home cockpits, here is something I've been working on for over 18 months and is just now coming together. It is currently in the form of the Robin DR400 which is great to fly in VR in FS2, but if you watch the video, you'll see there's more to it than that. You'll also see that this is something intended for the whole flight sim community to benefit from (in the spirit of my fsCloudPort application). It is currently in beta test with one of the guys on the forum and I will shortly be looking for a small number of people to help test it before I announce it more publicly. For more information see