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    I feel the same. I like to start cold and dark (it seems not every parking spot does trigger this mode, oh and NL airports lack a lot of parking places) and go through the startup procedure. It makes the whole experience more immersive. So i do want this to be my primary aircraft but I would like the sound to improve.

    The other thing about cold and dark starts is that it briefly has a started state (cached from previous?) then shuts down.

    I had fun cutting an engine midflight yesterday and restarting. It restarted without electric pumps? I would have thought insufficient fuel pressure or maybe pressure is retained? Cutting two engines is interesting. Its silent but you can open the tiny window and get hit by a rush of wind sound.

    Anyone managing to fly in NL. I haven't yet tested if is only with the Duchess but I've been flying in NL a lot and now with the Duchess it crashes.

    Another question - should the Duchess fly straight and level if you leave the yoke alone and turn off any wind? I am banking to the right.



      (12.36 kB, downloaded 1 times, last: )

    I'm sure they wanted it released for the Easter break. Suits me - I'm happy they left a few small things like this for a later upgrade.

    I've yet to read up and work out how to do cold and dark but one of the first things I noticed was the sound - it feels more immersive. Is it stereo or a pseudo stereo? I like it. Unfortunately the engine noise didn't seem to vary much though. In terms of small details I think we've been spoiled by IPACS - the dash looks a little bit flat compared to the quality of 3d texture on say the R22 or the Bucker. I'm talking about small stuff like screw heads. I did like the overall worn feel though and am looking forward to reading up on everything that's modelled and flying it in a more study sim way.

    I also had a crash possibly related to the core 49MB program update (beta) that I've just received at the same time. When I flew in Orbx NL within a minute it bombed out on me. Who wants to see the full tm.log? Ipacs or JF?

    990.03-tmimage: fatal vulkan crash 'tmrenderer_vulkan::gl_SubmitToQueue -> failed to submit draw command buffer!':

    990.03-tmmodule: ================================================================================

    990.03-tmimage: fatal vulkan crash 'tmrenderer_vulkan::gl_SwapBuffer -> failed to submit draw command buffer!

    990.03-tmimage: ':

    As for cold'n'dark I was sure that IPACS were going to enable this via a tickbox option on the aircraft selector the way they enabled Profi/basic for the R22

    Great to hear! Very curious what those never before seen features are! A bit odd (very odd, actually) though that they included a sample flight for which there is no AFS2 scenery by default... I suppose that flight is a straight copy from the FSX/P3D version. Anyway, if you feel like sharing some more info about new features... be my guest. ;)

    Quick question: are the manuals for download somewhere? Or are they included in the zip (?) you download after purchase? Or are they only available when you install the plane? I am asking this because I might buy the plane where I am right now and download it just for the manuals: that way I will have some basic knowledge before I get home and actually install it. If you can only access them when you install the plane I won't bother buying it now already.

    Well I'm still at work but you persuaded me to do the same. If it wasn't PayPal I might have left it until later, but no excuse.

    Anyway I now have an install EXE so I'm going to have to wait until later to install it and access those manuals.

    Yep! At first I thought they simply copied the information from the P3D version to the page of the AFS2 version but because that information is still on the site I am beginning to wonder it may all be true... Just imagine, a fully working plane in AFS2...! I can't really believe it. Seeing is believing in this case. ;)

    The Man from Delmonte is nervously hopeful. Will he say yes?

    OVRdrop is pretty good. Love how you can hide your windows on the back side of controllers and have it increase in size only when you look at it etc.

    I gave it my best shot but found it way too clumsy and frustrating. I was spoiled when Rift brought out their fantastic built in version. Jan keeps saying ipacs will build something and i’m holding out for that.

    I use BK, with a dedicated amplifier, and I can shake the chair pretty well. I can also filter the bandwidth and I don't think there is any spectrum issue. Yes sound channel is not the same as if we had a motion channel, but still it works pretty well. Now if I could get the audio in the rift and the BK at the same time without using some 3rd party crap software, that would be ideal.

    Incidentally I only fly stuff that makes noise (jet, helo, F4U, etc..), no surprise airliner don't shake much, that would be the point usually.:)

    That was one of the nice things about switching from Rift to Ody -steam vr sound mirror. Downside was losing the ingame window for flight plans and approaches.

    i use it with simshaker wings.

    It´s a fantastic upgrade for my rig.

    Interesting. Just reading about it but can't work out what it actually does? It gets telemetry from Fs2 to determine stuff (take off? engine revs?) and generates sounds that can go to an audio output? Aircraft specific?

    x-simulator now have something like this but I don't think they support Fs2 yet. What sort of config options are there as it does sound interesting. Does it have strong output levels?

    Any chance you could share a quick summary of how it works and how you configured it for FS2?

    I use the Buttkicker and while it WORKS in AFS2 (using audio rather then USB input) it is very subdued due to the minimal range of audio spectrum generated by AFS2. Works MUCH better with X-plane and DCS!

    interesting. So you feel its an audio spectrum issue rather than merely a volume issue. I wonder if we can get some input here from blacksmoke55 , he knows his audio.

    Sorry mate, too busy on my next project... which i'll be talking about in a few weeks. Besides the gseat is a disappointment at the moment as i did major revisions on it just as Ipacs pulled the acceleration functionality, so its dead. I have DCS but don't fly it- just FS2 for me.

    Ah spit40. Just realised you’re also on xsimulator. I love your G-seat BTW. Can you make me one?