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    The Vulcan / Oculus rift blank screen might be linked to the NVIDIA drivers that are installed as part of the Windows Update procedure. We recommend to download a dedicated NVIDIA driver from and install it. This should fix the issue.

    Same config/problem for me - I'm using Nvidia's auto-update and accept/download their latest drivers

    Anyone else flying Rift VR with a 1080TI? I'm sure it was smoother in the past but I'm seeing a few stutters these days even the very occasional hourglass. Any ideas? I'm on ultra everything (shadows ultra not insane). 1.7 s/s. SSD and an i7-6700K @4Ghz, 16GB

    I just had a fly around New York (no clouds) which admittedly is challenging but when I first got the 1080ti I'm sure it was smoother,

    I'm on the Oculus Dash beta and i've spotted a graphics setting in there that shows antialising on. I might try with that off.

    I'd be interested in other's experience flying with this spec.

    And now the preview topic has been locked... :| I just asked on the Aerosoft forum what the reason for that is. Has the product been cancelled after all...? That would be a shame. AFS2 needs 3rd party planes!

    Very sad if this has been cancelled.


    I went quickly through the video. He is not allowed to say anything about the HMD or the outcome of his tests, he only tells what he already tested, games, FOV etc but not any further information. It is like with the other vr bloggers who got a pimax 8k, they only try to keep the interest for their channel high but most is bla bla in my opinion. No real information. The 'I hope' at the end only refers to 'I hope that you like my video...'. He wants viewer to comment with ideas of what else he could test. Not worth to look.

    Many thanks. I think there are a few more guys due to get one for testing so there must be an embargo until they've all had a chance to take a proper look.

    The 8k is out for testing with v/bloggers. This is the first report i've seen on their latest M1 which is supposed to be the one they hope is good enough to manufacture in volume,

    Its in German. Anyone care to tell us the main points? From his expression at the end and words like "ich hoffe" i fear it may have a few shortcomings still.

    I've read it struggles outside a certain field of view. Haptic feedback is the one I'd really like - vrgluv or ultrahaptics.

    Just to let you (incl. the devs ;)) know: an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the Sensoryx glove system has started today (
    I think this is the next logical step for "VR hands" that the ingenious FS2 devs introduced this spring. Touch and Vive controllers become obsolete, the Sensoryx gloves are MUCH more precise and intuitive for switching the levers and buttons in our virtual cockpits while at the same time allowing us to control the hardware devices we already have.
    (BTW, although I backed the campaign today I have no connections whatsoever to Sensoryx.)

    really hope it comes through. I got my hopes up for GloveOne and then for VRGluv. Sensoryx look more organised though. Ultrahaptics could be amazing too.