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    With my Ac3D approach i make a mesh that's rectangular and big enough for all polys. The AC3D trick is to call it something__airport_outside (hmm i think, i'm away from my pc) and then it gets a one level of smoothing. Cut out of that mesh using boolean knife and cut away are the runways with a stronger level of smoothing as these have __airport_runway (again, i think)

    I think i could save one of my airports in some sort of 3dsmax format for you to look at.

    Do you find 5K+ has better perceived resolution than 8K?

    I am waiting for my 5K+ which should arrive very soon, and I will compare the performance of the two on FS2.

    Edit: I just checked the mail. 5k+ has been sent to me, and it will arrive tomorrow.

    i can't bear the tension. Did it arrive?

    Nice looking design. That CL is getting close to a Brunner CLS-E which I think of as gold standard.

    OK, I see I could use a servo to hold a particular position which would provide resistance against movement, but wouldn't you want the resistance to vary according to flight characteristics? Looking at the CLS-E info it says:

    • Simulated effects: engine, ground, turbulence, real trim, autopilot, stall etc.
    • Dynamic pressure dependent force profile

    I could see how engine vibration could be applied - you can get that via SimTools once they upgrade the plugin for simvibe, possibly "ground" as well. As for dynamic pressure dependent profiles I don't know how that could be done without varying the strength of the motor via some analogue voltage control.

    Pitch, roll, roll-per-sec and pitch-per-sec are in SimTools already.

    This will be interesting. Both in theory should be worse resolution than the Pimax 4k which has 100 degrees or so FOV. Only the 8KX would improve on resolution is my understanding. Possibly if the 5k+ is not quite as big an FOV as suggested will we have something with a big step up. Then again the 4k has no proper tracking.

    I love the switches. I'm getting very close now to justifying the purchase of a 3D printer. Tell me please Jay 737 - there's something I can't get my head around about FFB yokes. Do you create resistance by having a motor push in the direction against which you are turning/pitching? Doesn't that just burn it out? And if you didn't make the turn doesn't it mean the motor would move the yoke to a different position by itself. I understand motion platforms and have built a G-Seat but FFB I just don't get yet.

    The idea I'm working on is to take an existing yoke and convert it to FFB by installing 2 servos to provide the resistance. I'm running SimTools 2.2 and can code the Arduino so I can get the AFS2 forces to the yoke.

    Small light bulb moment as I type - I set the servos to hold the existing position and therefore resist movement, but somehow detect small movements in the intended direction and allow some movement after a little effort.

    I’m a Pimax 8K Kickstarter backer, and look forward to receiving the headset at some point before Xmas. I’m a bit down on the list, so it might be a couple of months after shipping starts until I receive mine. While it would probably run AFS2 well with my 1080 card, I have somehow managed to justify the decision to splash out on a RTX2080Ti Founders Edition that should be in the mail sometime next week. Will post up my experiences once the new aquisitions show up.

    There are mixed messages about 8k backers having options to trade in for 8Kx when it arrives. Your new card could probably power that.. in fact easily so if foveated rendering ever materialises.

    For everyone who has the Steam version of Orbx TE Netherlands we have released an update that should improve performance and eliminate double loaded cultivation.

    I am curious why the steam version is different. I guess it was released on steam by iPACS rather than Orbx – was IPACS. trying to implement some additional optimisations that did not work?

    Looks really interesting and I think 8k headsets will really turn VR into something magical. Perfect for flight sims where we need to see instruments clearly. However, I'm biding my time until the Gtx 2080 and a future Oculus "flagship" headset in year or two.

    I've never been keen on how you need to install tracking high in the corners of the room for a Vive or the design of the Vive touch controllers.

    Oculus got a lot of stuff right (in my opinion), so I'm going to stick with them for the next generation of headsets.

    I agree that oculus got a lot of stuff right however I really don't think they care about our use case. I think they just want 1 billion people in Facebook VR chat rooms. Oculus Go is a good step towards that and the Santa Cruz which we might get next year isn't high end either.

    Did anyone here back the kickstarter for the Pimax 8k? I didn't but I've been following it closely for a year so its a relief to see it get close to the finish line. For those who aren't up on this its a VR headset with about twice the field of view that the Vive and Rift has and a lot more pixels for hopefully a sharper image. But will it be sharper? Those pixels are spread out over a much wider area and the extra GPU workload means you will probably need to turn off your supersampling so the question is how does the net effect look? Also the 8k version does not drive every pixel but uses upscaling so their other version, the 5k, may even be sharper. An 8Kx will follow at some point which does drive every pixel and probably will require an RTX2080ti.

    It uses the Vive tracking system so you'dneed to be on Vive for now to have the bits to go with it.…-pimax-5k-plus-announced/

    Also they had a meetup of kickstarter backers a week ago. A few videos were made of first impressions. No-one tested FS2 :-(