Oculus Rift S Touch Controller Thumbstick Sensitivity

  • Hi,

    first post here, just got an Oculus Rift S, and frankly, the main reason to buy it was to be able to use it with Aerofly. And I'm really enjoying it, except one part: flying with the thumbstick, they are way too sensitive for me.

    I can easily make a nice landing flare with a normal joystick over the runway centerline. With this thing however, I'm happy if I can hit the runway, small pitch/roll adjustment seem to need sub-millimeter movements of the stick.

    Is there any way to adjust the sensitivity?


  • Hello and welcome to our forums. There is no way currently to adjust sensitivity of the analog sticks on the Touch controllers at this time. We are aware of the sensitivity issue with using the sticks, we just haven't gotten around to adjusting that yet.

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  • Thank you Jeff, good to know the problem is known to the team, I'll try to figure out a way to use the virtual cockpit and a real joystick at the same time until this one gets adjusted.

    Did you consider a solution similar to X-Plane's ergonomic virtual joystick? I like that concept but Aerofly is so much better visually I find it difficult to go back to X-Plane...