Things look small in VR

  • I am giving VR another try and notice that things (in the cockpit) seem to look small. In the Arrow gauges look like 6 to 7 cm wide and the side window is smaller than my hand. I doubt if my fist would fit through it. I remember having the same experience when I tried VR before.

    Now I hardly have any real world flying experience and maybe things actually ARE small in real life bit are they this small...? The planes look a little bit like miniature ones.

    I know I can change the scale using the option but I simply want things to look as real as possible. So my main question is: are things really this small in real life? How much cm should a gauge be? And that side window? And do others also think things look a bit small? Does anyone actually use that option to enlarge things?

  • Hi,

    I never leave the size as it is. I always use 30% upscale or something. I also think these cockpits are very very small. In reallife ga aircrafts are extremely cramped I've heard.

    In vr I feel more actually in the cockpit when things look a bit larger.

    In xplane11 and p3d I get a claustrophobic feeling in most planes. In dcs and afs2 this can be adjusted thankfully.



  • 30%, that's quite a bit! In the meantime I found a video of a real world Arrow, very similar to the one from Just Flight, and I will use that one to find the right % for me. When I check the size of the pilot's hands and compare them with the gauges, throtte, window, etc. things DEFINITELY look too small in Aerofly and VR! Which I find quite odd...

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  • What VR headset and graphics card are you using? You may have a driver issue if you haven't updated your graphics driver in awhile.

    Last year I had the same kind of miniature problem with a different flight sim IL-2 but it was due to their code not working well with WMR headsets (Samsung Odyssey, etc). They have since fixed the problem.

    The VR view should "feel" like you are sitting in your car - otherwise something isn't configured correctly.

  • Thanks for the tips and that link to that other topic! So it's quite common to use another scale factor! For now I settled for +35. Looks a lot better, at least in the Arrow!