RC8 (Mac) does not start with Spektrum Wireless Simulation Dongle SPMWS1000 attached

  • RC8 (Mac version) will not start with SPMWS1000 already plugged into USB port. However, after starting RC8 without SPMWS1000 being plugged-in you can attach the SPMWS1000 and use it without problem.

    Any ideas about this ?

  • I just noticed this post. My Spektrum SPMWS1000 USB dongle has not been unplugged in a couple years. I upgraded from RC7 to RC8 with no problem.

    Is the dongle bound to your transmitter?

    I believe you can plug in after starting. Did it once with RC7.

    Lots of stick-time on the sim and in the air. Love building foam board planes. Wish the tools were here to build for the SIM.