Help - Installation problems

  • Owing to running out of disk space in the C;/Users/Documents/61415/Aerofly FS2 directory on my Drive C: ( 250gb SSD) I shifted that directory onto my internal 2tb hard disk. When I fire up my AFS2 now, it does not recognise anything that I have downloaded and put into the documents folder. It does recognise some ORBX DLC but that is it. Is there any way of editing the data paths within the AFS program to now point to that F drive instead of the C drive please?

  • Go to your documents folder and open main.mcf in notepad ++ or similar editor.

    Look for: <[string8][extra_user_folder][]>

    In the [] add the path to your newly created folder.

    Mine is: <[string8][extra_user_folder][H:\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\addons]>

    Good luck :-)

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  • For me - this works smoothly:

    First I choose my big F-disk.

    Then I create a folder for Aerofly FS2 freeware addons: F:\extra_user_folder\

    Then I open the file "main.mcf" - and type in where AFS2 can find the new folder:


    Then I copy / move the files (images, cultivaton, elevation, etc.) to their respective folders:



    .......\scenery\images (contains google-bing, etc.)

    .......\scenery\places (contains airports, cultivaton, etc.).

    Hope you understand my explanation. :)