TACAN and the Aermacchi MB 339

  • The Aerofly 339 can receive TACAN in VOR mode, TACAN mode does not work.

    Here is a TACAN only approach into March airbase.

    This table or calculator shows the civilian use VHF frequency selection to receive DME from a TACAN station. The Aerofly 339 treats this as a VOR-DME. Channel 77 works on 113.00 MHz on DME equipment.

    The Aerofly 339 on finals to March with the converted channel 77 TACAN giving track guidance from 113.00 on the VOR receiver. The DME unfortunately gives the distance to Palmdale!

    61 nm from March to Palmdale.

    The Aerofly 339 with 113.00 selected overflying Palmdale VORTAC with zero DME indicated.

    It seems that the Aerofly TACAN feature relies on treating the DME capability of the TACANs as if they are VOR-DMEs and the TACAN receiver is a cosmetic VOR-DME receiver. The Aerofly F-18 can receive VOR-DME only beacons using the conversion table, for example Fellows on 117.50 as channel 122.

    25 Jan 2020. Jan has written that the 339 DME will work if the VOR frequency is also dialled-in in the rear cockpit.

    • Official Post

    The MB339 has not yet received the update to select TACAN channels. It could be that the mb339 TACAN is currently just an autotuned VOR, not sure though.

    In the F18 those channels are just mapped to a frequency. So if you tune a channel you should be able to receive VOR/DME signals. I'm not sure if actual TACANs are loaded from the database yet.