Working FMC in Aerofly

  • The FMC should work but the MCDU is not fully implemented because it takes tremendous amounts of time. To distinguish the two things:

    FMC - flight management computer: computes the route lateral and vertical and speed restrictions. That part should work since you are able to track a flight plan. It tells the autopilot what leg of the flight plan to fly. It also computes things like estimated arrival time, fuel on board, etc.

    MCDU - Multifunction control display unit. The device you use to set up a new flight plan from within the cockpit. This is the interface to the computer, the part where you enter new data and make changes.

    The MCDU and FMS are both still very much in active development and not final. Some features may not quite work yet.

    What exactly are you typing into the MCDU?

    What page are you on and what field are you trying to edit, what value are you trying to insert and are there any error messages or does it just "not do anything"?

    In the MCDU you can only set a new FROM/TO identifier when you are on the ground on the INIT page. Otherwise you'll get an error message (this is realistic). If you need to change the destination in the air you can do so by going to a waypoint and then select it to open the lateral revision page and enter the desired airport into the "NEXT DEST" field (I think it is called).

  • Thanks (as always) for the quick response! What I did was try to follow the Aerofly 2 wiki guidance for entering a Sacramento to San Francisco flight but couldn’t manage to. I will try again since you say that the MCDU is operational. You are right by the way that the MCDU is what I meant when I asked if it worked. Thank you.

  • Ah ok!

    We had a small issue in the past where the A320 MCDU would already be in the takeoff mode when you placed it on the runway. This would inhibit any changes to the FROM/TO fields. You can get around that by turning the flight directors both to off and back on. This resets the MCDU flight phase as well.

    But in Aerofly FS 2020 this should be fixed and you should be able to make changes to the V-speeds and also the FROM/TO fields.

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