Italy bordering on Switzerland

  • I think, with your kind of communication you'll probably get no answer here.

    A possible question could be:

    Hello Schnuffelduffel, after giving a little donation for your fantastic italian scenery, I would like to ask you for the missing files at the border to switzerland/austria. Do you have plans to complete your project "bella italia"? That would be a great step for the AF2.



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  • Yes that's the way to go.;)

    Here is my version:

    Hello Schnuffelduffel, I have just made a small donation to show my thanks to you for the great work of Itlalian scenery. I still remember the days when I was making Italian scenery with FS Earth Tiles and how it is a formidable task. I also remember the day when I found the whole Italian scenery for FSX made by Frank Dainese and others, and it's over 400mb if I remember correctly. How time flies! In fact my greatest interest in the whole Italian scenery is focused on the Swiss border and the Italian Alps. My dream and obsession with this area started when I downloaded Frank Dainese's (him again! I bought all his later commercial sceneries as appreciation) Aosta photo scenery about 15 years ago. I was immediately taken by the sheer beauty! My routine trip will start from Aosta, and then I go north east to see Matterhorn, and then to other Alps places. I wish I could visit there some day in real life, but until then sim flight in this area is my only way of fulfilling my dream.

    So I am eagerly and patiently waiting for the border zone. I have not downloaded other areas yet cause I'd like to enjoy the beauty in whole piece. Take your time. This will be the gem of the crown.

    Thanks again!