Controls and Face ID devices

  • Hi.

    With Face ID Apple devices (iPad Pro, iPhone X family) the multitasks active area is over the rudder/steering wheel control (see the attachment).
    The multitasks control is not limited at only the bar at the bottom of the screen but the whole bottom of screen is active.
    So when you use rudder you can trigger multitasks instead. On Apple devices if you slide right or left the bottom, as you do with rudder, swipes from an application to another.
    The consequences of a missed rudder action (because you lose the controls of the current application, Aerofly here) is a lose of control, the braking action can be jammed, the rudder can be jammed, the reverses don’t work or stop working.

    To correct it there are 2 choices:

    • Putting the rudder control upper in the secure area (if I remember this like that Apple calls it)
    • There’s a mode of how an application manages multitasks. I mean some applications (often games) must set a mode that makes multitasks hard to work, you have to insist firmly to trigger it

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