Above all, ask IPACS about different hardware

  • Hello virtual pilots,

    I have a question about hardware controls;

    So far I used my Hotas Warthog and pedals in the Aeroflightsimulator2 on the PC. This is ok for military aircraft and helicopters

    Now I still have Saitek products like the Yoke, Throttle Quadrant and the Switchpanel.

    My question about this minus;

    If I now deactivate Hotas Wartog and activate the string hardware, are there any problems in the settings of the simulator?

    I would like to know whether if I then switch between the two products (HOTAS / Saitek), there may be problems in the settings? Does the simulator still recognize my settings from both hardware products without having to save all sticks, pedals, keyboard commands and switches again?

    So short and sweet; Can I unplug Hotas Warthog and then just plug in Saitek and that's good?

    Because that would be too difficult for me to reprogram everything if I switch between the hardware ..

    Thank you for the clarification!