Improvement in Surrounding Night lightings

  • Hello IPACS

    I have recently bought Aerofly FS 2 from Steam and really loving playing it. It's a really good simulator though it has to undergo more developments so as to upgrade it's realism. I mean Particle effects, Weather Engine, AI Air Traffic, Realistic ATC.

    But upto now it's amazing. But while flying in Night I really felt upset as the outside Environment lighting is not good enough to see the surroundings. But the cockpit lighting is amazing. Can you do something so as to upgrade the Environment night lightings. I mean the engine what ORBX uses as I bought ORBX Netherlands and the there the Environment Night lighting looks very good enough than the default Scenery.

    Can anyone help me if someone knows to configure the brightness of night lighting by modifying codes of Aerofly...

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  • Hi and welcome to the Aerofly community.

    We are continuing to develop Aerofly and have many new things in store for everyone, however, we are a small team so things move along a bit slow at times.

    As for the night lighting, what specific improvements are you looking for? For the lighting itself we had to make some compromises so that the lighting looks good in both VR and normal modes.

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