• What I’ve already done. But it is hot because there a moment you pass by 300 ft from a mountain.
    But no choice because there’s the 10 Nm imposed waypoint facing the runway.
    I calculate 3 Nm / 1000 ft. I target a descent to 6000 ft above terrain. 7800 ft + 6000 ft = 13800 ft.
    So the plane will reach 13800 ft 3 Nm before final decent to the runway. At 18 Nm remains (3 Nm / 1000 ft - 6000 ft above ground = 18 Nm) I trigger a -3° FPA angle. The fact you trigger at 18.3 Nm.
    Of course, before the final decent you have slowed down the plane, trigger approach mode, CONF 1, and locked the LOCALIZER (there’s no GLIDE SLOPE, it’s just a localizer).
    At 2000 ft before ground you should have reached the imposed decent profil (the green dot in the altitude of the PDF).
    Adjust your FPA angle by 0.5° to follow the green dot.
    meanwhile you have set CONF FULL, gear down etc.
    A bit before 1000 ft. Set FPA mode off to show the FD again. AP off.
    At this follow the FD who will make you follow the LOCALIZER and the angle to the runway.
    Good luck.

  • At the arrival runway 15, Aerofly forces a waypoint at 10 Nm from the runway. I’m dreaming they get rid off of this point to create curves approaches closer than the last 10 Nm straight on. Would be useful at Palm Spring to avoid crash in mountains.
    Append an aligned waypoint more father at 20 Nm about.
    Add other waypoints until the curves are “unbubbled”. Glance at my attachment above.
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  • What I simply do is just fly above the mountains and activate navigation after I’m past them, or disable navigation, enable autopilot at the same settings but increase the altitude, then if you need to turn, disable AP and turn, since I can’t get AP to follow my set heading, it just continues straight. It’s the same with a flight from Zurich to Geneva, it almost crashed into a mountain.