Autopilot preselected altitude - How do I change it?

  • Hello,

    I'm working on a new aircraft with autopilot. The preselected altitude is 5.000 ft and I can't find where this parameter comes from.

    I tried other aircraft. Some have 8.000 ft, some zero ft. It looks like all G.A aircraft have 5.000 ft.

    Is this hard-coded in the sim depending on the type of aircraft?

    Best, Sylvain

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    The advanced autopilot uses nearest field elevation + 3000ft. When there is a route it selects the cruise altitude on ground.

    When you start in the air the advanced autopilot sets the altitude near to what ever your current altitude is. It also has parameters for power on altitude (e.g. from cold and dark)

    The basic autopilot doesn't do any of that and I think it always sets it to 5000ft.

    Why do you want to change this behavior is the question?



  • Thank you Jan,

    So no way to change this?

    When I take off from the same airfield withe the C172, the Baron or the Justflight Piper, is shows 5.000. When I select the A320 or the King air, it shows 8.000 and with a fighter jet, it shows zero.

    I would like to have zero because my aircraft has no altitude selection, only altitude hold. Each time I reach 5.000, it stops climbing. I have to disengage the autopilot, climb a bit higher and reengage it. That's annoying.

    Best, Sylvain

  • Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Still trying to find a workaround. Is it possible to affect the selected altitude with a value of minus 50 (so it is reset to zero).

    I have tried to find a function that is triggered when I press the autopilot button (autopilot.Master function) but nothing works.

    Something like this: when I engage the autopilot, the autopilot knob should receive a value of -50

    Best, Sylvain