Mobile update

  • Friend, your phone is not suitable for playing aerofly ... I run perfectly aerofly with vulkan ... Change device .. I have a huawei p30 pro ... Ipad equipment should leave vulkan .. A requirement to play aerofly is to a powerful and powerful device

    Well. My phone is a high end gaming one having sdm 660+ and adreno 512 and 4gb of ram. Although to be way smoother in gaming I run in default as stock android.

    My phone was stable in open gl but in vulkan it crapped my fps idk. But how come x plane said vulkan can boost your fps in what terms 🧐

  • You tried flight information and approach guides off, low graphics, a lower pixel density. limit frame rate off and on, advanced view movements off and cockpit interaction off, a plain small airfield with the Cessna in plain weather and no nav radios or route in use? Just to see what your maximum frame rates are in Open GL?

    Vulkan worked with my older tablet but not with my quite new fast phone. I think the fault lies with how Android devices are managed by the manufacturers.

  • I tried Vulkan on my Pixel C and only the bottom half of the screen displayed. When I went back to Open GL it was unstable and would freeze!

    The new, new update omits Vulkan so I’ll try to exit beta again and try to get my Android phone and tablet 2020 reliable again. At least I have iPad 2020 and PC FS2 ..... and FS, FS1, Aerofly 1, 2 X mobile FS2 and 2 X FS2019.

    Cross platform in app purchases would be very nice😀.

    Later... Vulkanless 🙂 beta is smooth and nice and starts easily on my Android phone and tablet and the iOS update is great on my iPad.

    (PC Update Vulkan is still not so hot on superdense scenery in a very complex plane in my little 2GB PC graphics card. Open GL is really nice.)

    Thanks again all in Tübingen.