iOS only configuration trim in Learjet drives to full nose down with flap extended.

  • With full flap the manual approach Learjet has full nose down trim with full flap, it needs the iPad to be held nearly horizontal above the head. To recover partially, the autopilot can be used to wind the trim back in a constant altitude hold mode with the full flap extended. With autopilot off and full flap or 2nd stage flap in use the Learjet is then more controllable during a landing. In this state zero flap selection causes full opposite trim and needs the iPad to be held nearly horizontal below the head.

    This does not affect Android.

    Could the Learjet 45 pedestal trim override switch be made functional? It does move but has no effect. The lack of trim makes the excellent mobile Aero Learjet less enjoyable.

  • The pedestal secondary trim switch works if you set the trim to secondary:


    When the switch is in the primary position you can use the pitch trim switches on the yokes.

    See:…learjet_45#taxi at the "Takeoff Trim" section.

    With the pitch trim switch set to SEC it should also disable the auto-flaptrim system, if I programmed that correctly. I'm not sure why this should be inconsistent on iOS mobile only though.

    What graphics settings do you play with and what device do you have?

  • Thanks Jan, I was trying the pitch trim bias but it might be a jammed horizontal stabiliser only adjustment?

    The secondary trim does work in Android and IOS (thanks for the pointer) but only with repeated cycles from the desired direction to neutral and back again. The speed is amazingly slow, it is slow in the real plane but it is like >5 minutes of repeated applications to get a 1/4 scale movement in mobile.

    The full range configuration trim phenomenon in iOS happens with and without advanced movements and frame rate limiting (the available settings in iOS are more limited). The device is a iPad pro 9.7” with over 100 GB of free storage. Fresh starts do not help. I only noticed this since the iOS ‘update’ (beta in Android).

    I use manual rudder, auto trim off and tilt control. Rudder boost off and yaw damper off did not change things. I presume rudder boost is allowed with the yaw damper in this aeroplane?

    And the yoke trim does not work in mobile, it makes a click noise. There is no touch interaction symbol.

    The secondary trim selection does stop this full nose down trim phenomenon.

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  • Auto trim in the sim settings and secondary trim control on the lower pedestal were set.

    Gross speed, power and flap changes with huge angle of attack (indicated and deduced) changes showed no glass panel FLT sub-page indicated trim change and the iPad tilt varied by about 90 degrees in game.

    Pitch trim bias is the control just below the gear handle. I believe it is for failure of the all flying tail trimming control. Presumably it is an emergency actuator for a conventional trim tab on the elevator.

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  • In Android the Learjet flies the full flap approach with slight up elevator as seen in the external view. In iOS the elevator is seen very much in the up position and with less than 135 knots over the runway threshold there is insufficient elevator movement left to flare or even maintain the glidepath with any power reduction.

    I removed beta from a Google Pixel C tablet and installed the public version to compare it with the beta on a Sony Xperia 1.

    Android 20.20.43 (20201006) IS affected.

    Android 20.20.47 (20201021) is NOT affected (newest beta).

    The public version dived onto the runway at 125 knots with full flap despite full up elevator, the Instrument panel’s FLT sub-page showed full nose down trim.

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