EC135 Observation

  • I love the EC135! Flying it around San Francisco in VR (HP Reverb G2 headset) is incredibly immersive, and the avionics emulation works the way I would expect (I'm speaking primarily of the engine instruments here). However, I did some testing today (does that make me a test pilot?), and I will assert that translational lift is not being modeled.

    Now, I have not flown the real deal, but I am a commercially rated (for fun) heli pilot, and have time in both piston and turbine machines. Everything I have flown will start to climb with the same power setting and cyclic input once a certain airspeed is attained.

    However, in the Aerofly EC135, if I lift off into a hover, maintain power, and very gently push the cyclic forward, I will of course start to move forward. But unless I exert more back pressure or raise the collective, the aircraft will stay at the initial altitude indefinitely.

    In contrast, the R22 does seem to model TL...



    Dave B.

    San Jose, CA