Aerofly mobile suggestions(weather, options...)

  • Hey there,

    I am very pleased with Aerofly, but there are some key features that are missing for it to be a excellent simulation.

    -It would be great to have the choice of the quantity of fuel, and cargo/passenger weight.

    -A fantastic addition would be the precipitations and turbulence in the sim. It would be great to have also a working weather radar. This in my opinion will add one more remarkable feature to the sim, this will make it outstanding compared to other sims.

    Thanks for the amazing game u created guys :)

  • Yup, definitely need weight and balance settings as the fuel in the A320 gets used up and it has cold and dark, so having that functionality of being able to choose how much fuel you take AND be able to properly run out (have engines cut out at 0KG) would just send realism sky high (unintentional pun, don’t mind)

    Plus if rain could be a thing, since A320 wipers are functional, then that would be super cool as well. All in good time though, as we don’t know what IPACS has up its sleeve for the next big update to Aerofly