airliner cockpit engine sound volume too high

  • I've noticed that the engine sound in the cockpit is as loud as in external view (its loudest in cabin view) which doesn't make sense.

    Especially in heavies like the 747 and 777 it's pretty quiet in the cockpit IRL. The volume at full thrust shouldn't be higher than it is presently at idle.

    IRL you get a nice aural confirmation that you are airborne when you hear the 'click' of the autobrakes switch when there's no more weight on wheels.

    Btw, this switch sound is missing on the 777.

    Is it possible to reduce the cockpit engine sound volume in e.g. the tmd file, and if yes, where?

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    The engine sounds are a bit louder to increase immersion and also because other sound effects have not been added yet.

    You can adjust the engine sounds in the tmd file at the bottom in the sound section. Just search for sound or volume and you should find a couple of sound mappings that affect the sound volume and pitch for a given engine rotation speed (as fraction). Be careful when you edit the files. Make a backup before your changes and after. Steam could overwrite your progress at any time.

    The autobrake switch click is something that's on my to-do list. Even the the A320 has a click sound when you get airborne but there it's the gear lever lock being released so that the handle can be moved to the up position.

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    Dear Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Just a quick idea on mobile, about the A320 for example: after landing, when I set FLAPS UP with the UI button, it would be nice to automatically set SPOILERS OFF (for the mobile to avoid moving the view)…

    The aircraft doesn't know that you're flying on mobile so there is no way to implement this without wrecking the behavior on other devices.

    I'd much prefer a solution that is more straight forward like a dedicated spoiler interface or a sort of after landing checklist.