External Cockpit for Aerofly 2

  • Good evening,

    why is IPACS not willing to realize an interface to external cockpit apps? It is not understandable, Aerofly is a very good simulation and this is a wish by the community.

    What is the reason fo this matter? All other serious flight sims are able to connect to external instrument apps and this is not very complicated. External developers are waitung for this.

    Do you have a convincing answer?

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  • Hi Rolf,

    unfortunately not everyone has time to build their own home cockpit and with the rise of virtual reality there is now an alternative that covers all cockpits at once. There are not enough home cockpit builders that would buy aerofly to allow us to put weeks of work into that one special feature for that highly dedicated group of users. At least not right now, I hope in the future we can create an interface to the outside for that purpose.



  • Hi Jan,

    thank you for your answer. I think there are more users a you imagine that are looking for such an app. it is not to build an own home cockpit (that is much more), it is to see the landscape when you are flying and control the plane. This feature can be done on a relative simple computer, VR needs much more hardware. Also I have problems to understand that IPACs has no interface for the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo Hardware. It is not understandable for me. May be I will change to another FlightSim, which assist to all this features.

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  • Hi Jan,

    As a Peixsoft developer, every day I receive more requests to be able to connect my applications with Aerofly FS2, there are too many people, and unfortunately I have to say that this simulator hardly delivers data over UDP. I already mentioned it in another post. The example DLL does not work for me because I develop with Delphi (Pascal) and the demo code is totally incompatible and impossible for me to port to Delphi.

    I think that developing a data delivery similar to X-Plane would not take much time and would increase the sales of Aerofly FS2.

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  • Hi Peix,

    I agree that there is more interest in home cockpit building than Aerofly realises, and have done some work myself - please see my post in the thread Network output data:


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    I was also interested in Air Manager support and have modified the external DLL code to output UDP flight data that emulates X-plane. I have not tried this with Air Manager yet but it works with my own opengl instrument displays originally written for X-Plane 10 and also XPDisplay which allows a really useful moving map display driven by the simulators lat/long positioning data. If anyone is interested I would be happy to supply or post the updated external DLL code but use at your own risk and don't expect support!"

    I have been using the modified external DLL to output FS2 data in X-plane format over UDP and it works well (though not with Air Manager yet). I can output the basic flight parameters Roll Pitch and Heading plus altitudes, speeds and Latitude/Longitude. If available from FS2 I would be happy to add others and the offer still stands to supply the code and/or modified DLL file through the forum.

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  • Hello Phenom58. I have a home cockpit I built as well ,and Air Manager the latest version , running in MSFS and X-Plane , May I please try the modified DLL , and also your opengl instrument displays originally written for X-Plane 10.

  • Hello gecko18

    I have zipped up the DLL together with the modified source for you to try. Hopefully everything you need is in there.

    Regarding Air Manager - I am afraid I gave up on using that with FS2. They seem to use a non standard protocol to get the data out of X-Plane and MSFS via plugins.

    I am not in a position at present to release my opengl instruments, but I have used XPDisplay that shows your altitude and airspeed and a moving map.

    Hope this is of some use.


    FS2 DLL.zip

  • I have revisited my code for the external DLL to make it output the UDP data with the groups in numerical order and all the groups in one packet. This makes the data stream more like X-Plane. I have tested this with XPDisplay, my own OpenGL display and the RJGlass python remote display program modified to accept UDP flight data. If you would like any further info please get in touch.



    FS2 DLL v2.zip