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  • Dear ipacs team, I just bought a new phone to better enjoy the experience of flying in aerofly, my phone is a xiaomi poco f3, with snapdragon dragon 870 processor and 8gb of ram ... Modify to high graphics, in my old phone played medium graphics, but my phone has an option to see the operation of my cpu and gpu ... I could see that the game uses up to 70 or 95% of my gpu .. It is something very high ... My mobile gets very hot, you could better optimize the new version of the aerofly 2022 for android ... It would be of great help for users who want to experience flying with high graphics without damaging our phone, thank you very much

  • What are you talking about??? It is not damaging your phone if it gets hot

    The Li-Ion batteries don't like to be charging when it's hot. For example, plugging the phone (to a powerful charger) when playing a game that makes the device hot.

    If the phone is getting hot, it means the batteries is used a lot, so it will withdraw the limited charging cycles of the battery.

    The best is to use a device that doesn't get too hot when it is solicited, and plugged it to a not too much powerful charger. Because in this case, the device uses the energy from the charger without charging the battery.

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