Aerofly RC8 on Mac... do the shortcut keys work for you?

  • For Aerofly RC8 on the Mac there's meant to be a number of shortcuts using the keys on the Mac keyboard. You can see the full list of shortcuts by clicking on the list on the opening page when you run RC8 on a Mac; I have also attached a screenshot of them to this message. I cannot get many of them to work so sent this summary of my findings to Ikarus... on 15/9/21... still no useful reply (infact they closed the "ticket" without even replying to me)

    Shortcut keys that I know to work are-

    • All Model placement keys (space, u, h, j, v, b)
    • Camera Settings using z, shift-z, x, l (i untested)

    Shortcut keys that have no effect

    • Settings and Help using-
      • Keys F1 to F4 on the top row of the main keyboard
      • Shift-F1 to Shift-F4
      • Control-F1 to Control-F4
      • Option-F1 to Option-F4
      • Command-F1 to Command-F4
    • Camera Settings using keys 1, 2, 3 & 4 on both the main keyboard and on the numeric pad

    Other issues not clear from manual for a Mac user

    • How do a fix the view of what I am seeing. A fixed view is very useful when practising hovering a helicopter, as it stops the view continuously panning/zooming with movements of the model. I have managed to get into such a view once but do not know how to do it again.
    • What is “3D Fixed View Camera Mode” and how do I use it?
    • What is “3D Pivot Mode” and how do I use it?

    I have read the manual a lot but it is aimed mainly at the Windows version, with many Windows screenshots in it. Things do look quite different for a Mac user and many of the menus have different options in them... a Mac version of the manual is what is needed.

    The model I am using is a Goblin 700 helicopter and the scenery is Vohenstrauss.

    Apologies in advance if I am doing something silly but any help is appreciated... and I do really like the sim… I think the physics is very accurate.

  • You may need to go into APPLE MENU > SETTINGS > KEYBOARD to activate the function keys too depending on your OS X.

    Check your Modifier keys too are selected from the pop-ups.

    Might also have a conflict with other software using those keys at the same time?