Aerofly compatibility with M1 iPad?

  • Version 2.4.21 Aerofly FS2 Moffett Federal Airfield looking towards the hills ‘behind San Jose Airport’.

    Is there an Aerofly compatibility problem with this year’s 2021 iPad pro M1 12.9?

    With Aerofly FS 2019 and original (mobile) Aerofly FS everything seems perfect when loaded into a new M1 12.9 iPad pro but with the in-between generation (originally ‘Aerofly 2’) Aerofly FS2 there is no scenery high ground of any sort, the surface is at minus 1,600 feet and all the airports have a tall wall flaw around them. The resolution of the instrument panels is now very poor, it looks similar to PC 640 X 480. It had been perfect in my previous iPad pro 10.5.

    Has this iPad been recognised as a low performance and primitive device triggering the allocation of a ‘bottom of the barrel’ automatic graphics allocation? Has this recent FS2 download missed essential updates?

    I tried the add on scenery downloads and tried deletion and reinstalling but it did not improve FS2.

    The elevation is similar to that of the areas outside the published FS 2022 sceneries, California ‘in’ FS 2022 is also 1,600 feet below sea level. The surface outside the narrowing scenery longitude limits near the North Pole also looks below sea level.

    Does the Aerofly software have some form of difficulty in assessing or in handling the newest M1 iPad pros? My old (now broken) iPad pro 10.5 also gave FS2021 scenery holes south of San Francisco but the M1 12.9 pro seems at least as bad and also occasionally gives similar ‘holes’ in Google Earth.

    I can expect little FS2 support but might this fault offer a clue to some current problems?